Top 3 Clock Widgets For Android That Can Improve Your Home Screen Looks

Hello Friends! Hope you are enjoying articles on Above Android. This article belongs to the Top 3 Series, where we are posting Top 3 article for various fields and categories.Today’s article is about Top 3 clock widgets for android smartphone which will add a WOW factor to your phone. Having a Android cellphone like Samsung galaxy S4 / S3, HTC One is not a big deal now a days,  its all on how you customize it, how you keep it, which applications you have to get the best of it. So this article is to customize your home pages looks and also lock screen looks and I’m sure you are going to love it. The Top 3 Clock Widgets are as follows :


1 DashClock Widget:

This application is an amazing replacement to your lock screen and after having a look at its features only a fool would not install it.
As I told this application is not only a Clock Widget but also a lock screen with various features.This applications is very easy to use. It shows us all of our unread messages,Missed calls. Its also syncs with your calendar and allow you see all your appointments on lock screen .Its also shows us unread e-mails. It can have security lock like pattern lock if you want. In-Short it’s a complete package to give swag (killer looks) to your android smartphone.

2.ClockQ-Digital Clock Widget:

This is a Simple Digital clock widget for your home-screen,but what makes it special is it’s varieties of themes and preference options.The  widgets can be added to your lock screen if your Smartphone has android version 4.2+.There are many amazing Features like 26 Great Fonts, home-screen widgets in different sizes (4*2 – 2*1), amazing varieties of colors, transparent options, scale and rotation customization, showing date, weather, time etc., and number of themes.

3- Retro Clock Widget

Last but not the Least comes Retro Clock Widget.This applications is very popular because it works in all the android versions unlike the first two applications.This app provides a home screen clock and date widget based on the classical mechanical flipping clock. The widgets act as shortcuts to the systems alarm clock and calendar applications.This applications can customize your clock’s looks, colors, transparency etc.


This are the best three applications to customize your clock looks on your smartphone. If you have any queries or suggest please do ask us on comment below. HAVE A NICE DAY.