WhatsApp Plus v6.32 : Features, APK Download and ChangeLog

WhatsApp Plus comes up with a new update and now it is WhatsApp Plus v6.32. For the people new to WhatsApp Plus, it can be considered as a new version of the original WhatsApp available for Android devices, which was developed by Rafalete in the year 2012. The new version is a free one and it also called WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Plus Holo, appearing with a blue icon infact now with more option such as WhatsApp Red, Green and many more. The user license continues to be the same in case of both the apps.


WhatsApp Plus v6.32 Features

One of the amazing feature that is not present in the original WhatsApp is that the new WhatsApp Plus comes with new emoticons. These include smileys that are available from Hangouts (Google). Anyways, the emoticons that are sent can be seen only if the receivers have also installed WhatsApp Plus on their devices.

Another most noteworthy features of the new WhatsApp Plus v6.32 is that it comes with a completely new look, through the use of visual themes and additional styles. The themes are free for installation and can be directly installed from the application.

WhatsApp Plus v6.32 ChangeLog

*When offline, contact’s last seen and MOD 2.2.19 still not working as before (working on it but maybe it can’t be fixed)
*New MOD 1.2.31 to set images/videos title color
*Popup Notification text color bug fixed (MOD 4.3)
*Other improvements and bug fixes

WhatsApp Plus vs Original WhatsApp

How To Install WhatsApp Plus v6.32

  • First Download WhatsApp Plus v6.32 APK file and save it in your PC or Phone
  • Back Up all your old chats : Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings. Tap Backup Conversations.
  • Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already installed in your Device.
  • Open the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Now follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button.
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  • Congratulation, now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS in your device.
  • If you face any error while verifying your number : Check This Out.

Note : Also remember to enable the option to install the third party apps apps.

Download WhatsApp Plus v6.32 APK