WhatsApp Plus V5.00D APK Download With New Emoticons Added [ChangeLog] [Cracked]


WhatsApp Plus is updating it app very quickly and within the period of weeks the new update is available to users. Today, just few hours ago the WhatsApp Plus is updated to the version number of 5 with the update of WhatsApp Plus v5.00D. The update have been already running in the Auto-Update WhatsApp Plus users. This is new update let the WhatsApp Plus user to share new Emoticons with the other WhatsApp Plus users.


Change Log of WhatsApp Plus v5.00D

  • New set of emoticons added. Check 2nd tab (flower). Only visible among the WhatsApp+ users.
  • Minor Bugs Fixed.

It was really expected to have something new in the version 5.00D of WhatsApp Plus by the person behind it – Rafalense. As expected WhatsApp Plus v5.00D is with amazing new set of Emoticons. This emoticons include the emoticons of Blackberry , Hike and many other messaging platforms..This version of WhatsApp Plus is based on the Version 2.11.152 of the original WhatsApp.

The set of new emoticons will be only visible to the WhatsApp Plus user. So to enjoy the experience of this all emoticons one have ultimately shift to whatsapp plus any how. This can be marked as smart and intelligent move by the modder Rafalense.


As I said earlier, WhatsApp is really trending and the WhatsApp Plus is the hottest topic among the WhatsApp Users. As this is a Modded version of original WhatsApp it consist of some or the other bugs for specific smartphones. Thus Rafalense tries to remove as many bugs as possible with this WhatsApp PLus v5.00D to make the user feel supreme over the original WhatsApp user.

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  • First Download WhatsApp plus v5.00 APK file and save it in your PC or Phone.
  • Take the Backup of your chats and broadcast lists.
  • Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already available in your Device.
  • Open the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone.
  • Now follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button.
  • Congratulation, now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS in your device.
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  • Now Restore the Backup to get all chats and broadcast list back.

Note : Also remember to enable the option to install the third party apps apps.

There is an option in the WhatsApp Plus to hide your last seen even while you are chatting with your friends, sadly it is the paid part of the whatsapp plus for which you need to install Donation Plus from Google Play Store which will cost you about INR 183. But an Indian named +Rahil Bhimjiani have cracked it and made it free for all the users. To Download WhatsApp Plus v5.00D {Cracked / Donated /Patched } Version select the following option. [Note : GB means Ginger Bread]

Download WhatsApp Plus v5.00D