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WhatsApp Plus [V 3.90] : Free APK Download For Android

WhatsApp Plus [V 3.90] : Free APK Download For Android

by Abhishek VoheraJuly 6, 2013
The world is updating and also the smartphone applications. We have published an article on WhatsApp Plus : Customize Everything [V3.05] few weeks ago and today the version of WhatsApp Plus is 3.90 and the updates are so strong that they forced me to write this update article for WhatsApp Plus APK. As you all know WhatsApp Plus is modified version of the original WhatsApp provided by WhatsApp Inc. on the Google Play Store. The WhatsApp Plus is also know as upgraded version of WhatsApp, as the name suggest it is PLUS.


After installing WhatsApp plus if you face problems such as sms verification fail then try the steps provided in this article : How To Solve “SMS Verification Failed” in WhatsApp Messenger

For Newbies : What is WhatsApp Plus [ V 3.90 ]

  • Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other things.
  • In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot)
  • You can share music just with one click.
  • You can add contact profile pictures to their chats.
  • You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).
  • Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply theme if you like.

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How To Install WhatsApp Plus ?
  • First Download WhatsApp Plus APK file and save it in your PC or Phone
  • Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already available in your Device.
  • Open the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Now follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button.
  •  Congratulation, now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS in your device.
Screen Shots:
WhatsApp Plus V 3.90 Free APK Download
WhatsApp Plus V 3.90 Free APK Download
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  • Akshay Naik



    When we uninstall app and reinstall plus will all the groups and messages in old version be lost pls clarify

    • Before uninstaling the whatsapp take the backup of the chat…so when u install plus it will show option to recover…

  • cheung wai nga

    點Down TT

  • lynda


    I try to install whatsapp+ ..there is error message “SMS verification failed”

    i hope u can help to over come this problem

    thank you

    • Lynda i would suggest you to follow the steps of “How To Install WhatsApp Plus ?”

      if then also some problems comes, then uninstall and install it again…

      I hope it would work…Thanks Lynda for your comment … 🙂

      Keep Visiting….

  • Manj Sarai

    Iv downloaded it and is brilliant thank you

  • Im trying to use whatsapp+ from 2 weeks , but getting the same error for verification failure , ive tried every possible way , please suggest a proper way 2 install and get verification. I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand

    • Try installing the apk again … and if some error continues make sure you have downloaded the Whatsapp plus apk from Above Android only….

  • Krupal

    Hi Abhishek , I hv downloaded the whatsapp+ frm yr link n trying to use whatsapp+ but getting the same sms n phone error for verification.. its nt getting installed..i hv tried deleting clean master…uninstall original whatsapp n stuff bt it doesnt gives a error msg” your client has been modified” wen i press d tab call me . I am using Samsung Galaxy 4..pls mail me a proper procedure..

    • We have Updated the Apk Version … All your Problems will be solved now … 🙂

    • vivek sachdeva

      hii krupal im also facing same prb that ur client has been modified ….im also using s4…pls tell me wat to do

  • Elizabeth

    Hi abhishek…. I have try to install it but its showing dat dis version is obsolete on 29 octplease install the new version frm google play but am nt getting whatsapp plus der plz suggest smthng

  • Ijtaba

    Whatsapp + ain’t working. Sms verification failed.
    I have tried all u said.
    Previously it was working now it’s not working, I had unistalled it nd now after reinstalling it shows this error.
    Even the installation apko file I’m using is working on my friend’s phone.
    But it has stopped working on mine.
    Why? Any reason?

    • vivek sachdeva

      hi abhi…im not able to install wa+ from last week….error comes verification failed…And your client looks like modified…please download orignal watsapp…i tried ur above whstapplus 4.55 also and 4.70d also….same error comes…pls sugest me….usiing s4 4.3 non root…..