Top 3 Apps To Make WhatsApp Fun Like Never Before

Whats-app is the most common application found in almost every smartphone. But there is much more about Whats-app which many of you won’t know .Like before few days we posted an article about
How to Hide / Block Last Seen From WhatsApp Messenger , similarly lots of tips and tricks are available for Whatsapp messenger.
So I am here today to show you more amazing application to be downloaded with WHATSAPP so you be the alpha male(cool personality) among your group. All you need to do is just read the article so you get the brief knowledge about the post. The applications which are been posted in this article are not available in Google Play Store so kindly download it from the link given with the title of the application.
In this world of smartphone everyone wants to use their cell to its best.You know the Feature of smartphone which allows you to see the picture of person calling you.But it is but obvious you don’t have your every friends picture saved in your cell.So this is all about this application,this application allows you to retrieve a Whatsapp profile photo,you can then use it to set the same image to the contact on your phone.It is very easy to use,you just need to follow few simple steps given below:
  • Open this application and Click on a contact,the Whatsapp application opens directly on the contact
  • Click on the Whatsapp contact picture and wait till it gets loaded completely
  • click on the back button multiple times to back into the application,select YES when tabs appears of confirmation
After a long chat on Whatsapp;we always wonder What are the number of messages received on Whatapp  but we could not get the number unless we uninstall and reintall the application but no more of this problem.This application Whats-app Stats serves you with the exact number of messages in total,to individual and separates the send messages and the received once.Girls usually have this problem of telling boys of not sending her text and all,even though you did you have to agree with her. But with this application you will have complete data of your send messages and received once.
This application provides us the information of the WhatsApp version installed in our smartphone,the Whatsapp version available on Play Store and the remote update available.This application keeps us up to date about the latest versions of Whatsapp.For instance the version available on play store now is 2.9.5196 but the latest version is 2.9.6917.The latest version has special feature which show us that a person is typing in our recent chat more going inside contact to check whether person is typing or no.The image given is of version 2.9.6717 The latest one. Click it to enlarge the picture and get more detail about the new version of the WhatsApp.