Reason Your Whatsapp Calling Not Working – Solutions


Whatsapp is the most popular massaging app and its popularity rose up even more after releasing the voice calling feature. This new feature allows the users to make call to their friends from Whatsapp, unfortunately whatsapp calling not working for few users. All are enjoying the latest feature but like any other new updates most of the users have complained some issues which they are facing while trying to use voice calling feature in Whatsapp. The reason why your Whatsapp calling is not working and the solution is given below.

Troubleshooting Whatsapp Calling Not Working

1. Problem : Lagging and echo

Solution :

This is the first issue faced by most of the users. You might have noticed that it is taking enough time to make a call and sometimes it’s echoing. The reason is Whatsapp voice calling supports 2G fully. But if Wi-Fi network is used instead of data network the problem will be solved.

2. Problem : It is ringing on the caller end but receivers getting it as a notification only

Solution :

This is the other problem that users have complained about whatsapp calling not working. Caller can hear the normal ringing sound but it does not reach to the receiver rather the call shows as a missed call or notification to the receiver. This problem is also happening due to 2G network. So try using a good Wi-Fi connection and the problem might be solved.

3. Problem : Though updated the latest version but this feature is still not working

Solution :

This is the most frustrating problem and reason must be related to the Whatsapp server issue. Also compatibility issue can create this problem. There is a possibility that Whatsapp calling feature will be supported by some certain OS only. So it is recommended to check the OS version first and then update the latest Whatsapp to enjoy voice calling feature.

There are few other issues Whatsapp users facing. We have listed most common issues with whatsapp calling feature. You can always give a try to above listed solutions and also let us know if you find other best solution to this problems. Still whatsapp calling not working on your side ? do comment below your problems, Above Android team is here to get right solutions to all your issues.

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