Mute WhatsApp Group Chat On Android For 100 Years

WhatsApp is now a  instant messaging service which has over half a billion monthly active users. No doubt, WhatsApp is  one of the most widely used cross-platform instant messaging services out there. It just don’t allow users to chat one-on-one, but it also lets them create groups for simultaneous chatting for more than two person at a time. WhatsApp Users were willing to have mute for long period of time option in WhatsApp Group Chat and now they have finally listened.

Mute WhatsApp Group and Hide Notification

Now you can mute a WhatsApp group chat for one century. As per the update, version 2.11.230 for Android, the app has extended ‘mute’ time for group conversation and also added the option to show notification for the following group. The latest option is 100 years, which is only a little more anti-social than the 1 year option.

This update will surely give much relief to the users how don’t like to join any group by unknown person and have to block them individually, but with the help of the new update a user can just simply mute the group chat for 1 century and also uncheck the show notification so that the group cannot disturb him or her.

Before this update, this feature was only possible for the people who were using the WhatsApp Plus, which is the modded edition of the WhatsApp. After this update it will open to WhatsApp users also.

The update has a new camera icon as well as a changed voice-message icon. The camera button is a one-click shortcut for your default camera. It’s quicker than having to choose the attachment icons.

This update is not yet available on the Google Play Store, where as the people interested to have this update can download the apk from the official Download page of WhatsApp website. This feature is available in WhatsApp version 2.11.230 where as on Play Store still the 2.11.186 version is available. You can also directly download the apk from Above Android, that is here itself.

Download WhatsApp 2.11.230 APK