How To Install And Use WhatsApp On PC With BlueStacks Or YouWave

In this generation almost all are having smartphone’s and they are actually ahead of those not having Smartphone in a way or other. Every Android user is familiar with what WhatsApp is and they are using it and utilizing the power of free SMS sending without multiple sign ups and login. They can edit pics directly from cell phone using applications like Picsay-Pro, Repics and many more which are far better than knocking your head using Photoshop.


Having WhatsApp now a days is so common every second person in world have WhatsApp and it is a good sign of being modern but we cannot neglect the prices of smartphone which are too high for everyone to purchase. Smartphone and its accessories like Canvas Turbo, LG G2, HTC One and many more are really expensive for everyone to purchase and buying a cheap Smartphone doesn’t satisfies us.

So today we are here to cover a very interesting topic for non-smartphone user. Yes!! This article is must read to Non-Smartphone user. They will be too amazed at the end of this article. Today we are going to tell you How to convert your Laptop or PC to Android platform. You might be thinking it might be difficult but you are wrong. Here at Above Android we just simplify the problems using simple steps which is understandable even to colt or amateur.

You can run almost all android files to your PC and run it without lagging it is best for those wishing to come on WhatsApp without having Smartphone. All you have to do is to connect to WhatsApp with a simple 1 minute integration program and it will automatically show which of your friends are using this same services from your contact list.

Features and benefits of using Whatsapp on Pc:

  •  A non-Android user always faces the problem of the limitation of 100 Text. By installing Whatsapp on PC you can send Thousands of text without any charges all you have to do is get an emulator and a stable net on your PC
  • Sharing of photos, Videos, pictures etc. You can easily send any of the mentioned things via WhatsApp in amazing speed and also you can receive it from any of your friend at any corner.
  • You can upload you profile on WhatsApp from any of your picture or the desired picture available on your PC.

There are two emulator for Running WhatsApp on PC:

1. Bluestacks: Bluestacks is an perfect emulator for running WhatsApp in PC .Its interface are not so similar to what you use in mobile but it is simple to use and don’t have any complications, But after running any app on it interface doesn’t matter because it runs quietly brilliant. You cannot install the .apk files which need root access. You just get the normal access. Finding any application over here is as simple as eating a piece of cake. The only disadvantage of Bluestacks is you have to feed all your contact in it. This is hectic and boring process!

WhatsApp on PC

Tutorial for using Bluestacks:

2. Youwave:  Youwave’s is another amazing emulator for running WhatsApp in PC. Its Interface is quiet amazing like you can see in the picture aside. But Youwave is full of complications and difficulties it take time to understand it. Once you got all that you will simply love it. It gets the root access directly without any changes needed after installing it. Finding and installing process remains the same. The disadvantage also remains the same of feeding all contacts again.

WhatsApp on PC


Tutorial for using Youwave: 


  1. The step to use WhatsApp via PC is to install the android emulator in your desktop.
  2. There are many kinds off emulator but the best one’s are Bluestacks and Youwave. This emulators are compatible with windows XP/7/8
  3. After downloading; install it and wait until the installation process is completed.
  4. Just follow the instructions on screen which is a kind of tutorial after installing emulator
  5. Click the search icon, you will see a keyboard appearing and a tab to write the desired application name (WHATSAPP)
  6. You can either use the virtual keyboard or your normal keyboard to write
  7. Locate the icon and click on WhatsApp messenger.
  8. Whatsapp messenger will get start downloading ; wait for it to get downloaded
  9. It will automatically get installed
  10. Enter the mobile number from which you want to use WhatsApp and HAVE FUN

NOTE : You can install WhatsApp without downloading if you have already got the apk file from any other site. You can also install WhatsApp+ which is not available on Market by clicking here and opening it using your preferred emulator.

I hope you enjoyed this article and perfect tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on PC after downloading it and if you have any type of problem or issues then please do comment here and let us know about it. Also share this post with your friends on Google as well as Facebook and stay updated with our blog to get more future updates.