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Download WhatsApp Plus v6.20 New Face APK Free

Download WhatsApp Plus v6.20 New Face APK Free

by Abhishek VoheraSeptember 30, 2014

After a long wait of about one month, the next version of WhatsApp plus v6.20 arrives. There is something very new in this update, the app comes in two version namely WhatsApp plus New Face and WhatsApp Plus Old Face. The new WhatsApp Plus V6.20 is very quick and fast as they have fixed many bugs and done many improvements. But there are many people how are stilling confused between WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus. Recently we have posted a poll question for our Monday poll series – ”What do you use ? WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus”.


What is WhatsApp Plus v6.20 New Face?

The new update of WhatsApp Plus is released in two style namely WhatsApp plus New Face and WhatsApp Plus Old Face. The New Face have new look and new icons for sharing and improved menus and setting page. The Old face consist of the regular icons and menus. The New face also have changed few icons in the attachment section. It has also been reported that user can easily hide the last seen with paying even a single penny.


  • You can change WhatsApp Notification Icon color to red, green, orange, purple etc.
  • In WhatsApp Plus you have the option to send high quality Images.
  • You can select and install Themes of various colors and settings.
  • In WhatsApp Plus your friends Status is shown just below the Chat Header.
  • and many more…

ChangeLog of WhatsApp Plus v6.20

  • Base updated to last play store version: 2.11.378
  • New MOD 3.2.10 to go back to Contact List instead of Main Screen
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

WhatsApp Plus v6.20 ChangeLog


  • First Download WhatsApp Plus v6.20 New Face APK file and save it in your PC or Phone
  • Back Up all your old chats : Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat Settings. Tap Backup Conversations.
  • Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already installed in your Device.
  • Open the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Now follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button.
  • Congratulation, now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS in your device.
  • If you face any error while verifying your number : Check This Out.

Note : Also remember to enable the option to install the third party apps apps.

Download WhatsApp Plus v6.20 New Face APK


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  • 1. This app WONT hide you from getting online.. just like official whatsapp..

    2. This app hide status, lastseen just like official whatsapp..

    3. You CANT add more than 50 groupmember just like official whatsapp..

    4. You CANT restore your history back even you wanna return to official app..

    Its just a THEME app for whatsapp..
    Rather official whatsapp has more functionality [we dont want themes] than this..

    Dont get fooled guys…

    • My dear friend, have you ever downloaded and tried this apk. I am personally using whatsapp plus and all this points you mentioned are working with me. So please just dont spam anywhere.

      • I really worried abt the people like you, I dont think, rather I’m sure you didnt tried this app.. you are only posting blogs without personal research…
        As a app developer, I have tried this and its old previous versions.. then I concluded this….

        About spam, when u tried this app, you realised that, this whole post is SPAM. There is nothing like you posted. This app is just THEME APP for WhatsApp.

        1. Hiding last seen option is there in official app. And while chatting this app work as official. There is nothing great thing. This app cant hide you ONLINE when u r actually online. JUST LIKE OFFICIAL.

        2. Let me know how you add more than 50 members, YOU JUST CANT. This app shows 100 number , but you cant add.. TRY IT AND THEN COMMENT.

        3. History backup wont work this official app. Again try yourself.

        So i’m not here to spam, but want to tell all of your readers abt the TRUTH.


        • Why don’t you show any screenshot that any of the above feature is not working, so that readers can also check it.

          To all my trustworthy readers, I personally use whatsapp Plus and i can easily backup my message and hide my last seen.

          • You sound good now..
            My dear friend,
            screenshots are not possible for lastseen kinda features…

            To all your trustworthy readers, M not telling them to not use this app, you all can use this, its up to u… bt I want to tell them it didnt work as described …

            1. For instance, check yourself, be online the your whatsapp+ features, then as your partner whether you are online or not??? He definitely tell you that YOU ARE ONLINE.

            2. Add more then 50 members in group then show me screenshot… When you going to add more than 50, app will show you error msg “limit reached”
            [fyi, there are lots of ppl complaining that this features is just to showoff… ]


  • Urvish Patel

    same Problam.. and

    so 1st u have to uninstall wts ap + then install wts app from play store. just log in. chat with some one and take a back up. then uninstall in and install + but do not log in. then reboot your phone. after that log in..

    But Not Working this stap… but agin Letest Download errer… pls help me….

  • Really good info about blogging. I went through your blog and I have completed this section as explained. thanks .