Top 5 Travel Apps for People in India

This is a technological era which is completely dominated by smartphones. The only thing you need to do is install applications according to your requirements in your smartphones. To ease out your tension while traveling, the developers have developed many travel apps which can be very helpful to the traveler.


So here are the apps for travelers in India which will help them to travel across India just by installing them.

List of Travel Apps For People in India


Apps for Travellers in India : TripAdvisor

In the list of the must-have apps for travelers in India, TripAdvisor will be at the first place. It has over 700 million user-generated reviews for various hotels and places where one can stay and visit. The app can also help in finding the lowest airfares, places to visit, hotels to stay, things to do and many more things. There is a travel forum in the app where you can get information about anything by submitting your query in the forum.


Apps for Travellers in India : TripIt

TripIt is a perfect travel planner app. This travel app is very much different from other travel apps. This app creates itineraries by itself based on the travel information you provide. It covers flights, hotels, rental cars, event booking, trekking poles, etc. The app also provides directions, maps, and weather for each location mentioned in the itinerary. The itinerary made by the can also be shared with other contacts with whom you are planning to travel.

Google Translate

Apps for Travellers in India : Google Translate

India is a country where almost every state has its own language. Across India, there are about 1000 different languages which are spoken and written. So, it is very difficult for a traveler to know each and every language and understand it. So here is an app by Google which will instantly help people to translate anything from one language to another language of their choice. It can take pictures of anything written and can translate it in 32 different languages.


Apps for Travellers in India : PackPoint

PackPoint is the ultimate app which helps to decide what you must carry in your suitcase. Depending upon the length of your trip, the location of the trip and activities of your trip, the app helps in making a list of the things you must carry. Once the list is built and organized, you can also share the list with the other travelers who can need this list in their packing. The app has also won the Google Play Editor’s choice Award.


Apps for Travellers in India : Splittr

There are many apps which can be used for splitting the expenses. But, Splittr is purposely developed for travel. It is a very user friendly application which is very easy to use. You have to just add the expenses and Splittr will tell you that who has to pay next and who owes how much to whom. At the end it will generate a full report which can be mailed to the fellow travelers. The app supports all type of curencies which is the biggest advantage the app has.