Top 7 Reasons To Buy The OnePlus 2

Chinese company OnePlus had made a buzz last year with the first flagship smartphone OnePlus One and this year again they have came up with the flagship killer of the year 2016 i.e. OnePlus 2. The OnePlus 2 is also known as the future phone as it have many features which are integrated in the Android smartphone for the first time ever and there are many such reasons to buy the OnePlus 2.


The smartphone OnePlus 2 comes for $389 (24,999 INR) for the 64GB model and $329(22,999 INR) for the 16GB model. The price of the phone is very low and reasonable when compared to features it posses. The Smartphone OnePlus 2 is only available through a new smart invite system. Also check this app to check your OnePlus 2 Invite Status and be ready to get an invite. Let me tell you the 7 Reasons to buy the OnePlus 2 smartphone.

Reasons To Buy The OnePlus 2 Smartphone

1. Hardware Notification Slider

The first reason to buy the OnePlus 2 smartphone in no particular order is Hardware Notification Slider. The OnePlus 2 have a notification slider key on its left side which let you allow to quickly switch between receiving all alerts, priority alerts or no alerts. The OnePlus 2 smartphone is powered by a Snapdragon 810 chipset having a Octa Core processor with 4 GB RAM for 64 GB variant, it has a 13 MP rear facing camera with laser auto focus and a 5MP front facing camera.

2. Price

When compared to other smartphones on the bases of specifications, The OnePlus 2 is winner in majority of the cases. The phones produced by other company such as Samsung, HTC, Sony or any other would keep the price about 550$ minimum for the specification as same as OnePlus 2, where as the OnePlus 2 is priced for $389 (24,999 INR) for the 64GB model and $329(22,999 INR) for the 16GB model.

3. Fingerprint Sensor

OnePlus 2 is the first smartphone in the range of about $350 which have a fingerprint scanner in it. The Fingerprint sensor is also just amazing and works very fast. With the phone locked, it takes less than a second for the sensor to get the phone open and ready for use.

4. Swap Buttons

There is a option in the settings to change the functionality of the capacitive buttons which are present at the button of the phone. You just need to go to setting and change as per your requirement, this makes it easy for Samsung as well as HTC and Sony user to use OnePlus 2 in their own native way. You can also switch between using software ones and the hardware ones built into the OnePlus 2. You’ll find this control in Settings -> Buttons -> On-screen Navigation Bar.

5.  Camera

The OnePlus 2 features a 13 megapixel camera on the rear paired with a laser-autofocus system and dual LED flash. The OnePlus 2 also provide features such as optical image stabilisation (OIS), 4K video recording (30fps), as well as fast-forward and slow-motion video capture. It also have 5 Megapixel – Distortion free front camera which works very well.

6. Premium Feel

The phone is a bit Bulky and chunky, but a metallic frame and unique finish offers something different. The screen is large, bright and balanced, where as the 5.5 inch screen is great not too big and not too small. The phone can easily survive several drops unscathed and overall the feel of the OnePlus 2 is like a premium smartphone.


7. Gestures

One of the best feature of OnePlus 2 which is inherited from the OnePlus One is the Gestures. You can make gestures on the lock screen such as Turn Flash Light On/Off , Turn Music Player On/Off, Play next or previous track, Turn On Camera and few more. Using this gestures from the lock screen helps to save your battery and increase the usability of the OnePlus 2.

This was all about the 7 reasons to buy the OnePlus 2 smartphone, if you find something missing in this list then do let us know by commenting below. Also Like share this article, if it have helped you in making decision to buy the OnePlus 2.