Top 5 Unique Android Apps You Must Have In Our Smartphone

Looking For Something Unique or Unusual for your android device? Are you fed up of using those couple of apps? Alright now its time to get some different apps, There are about 850,000 application available on Google Play Store, we at Above Android had a tailor made list of top 5 android application that can really makes you different from other. So here is list application waiting to surprise you with their unique features


Top 5 Unique/Unusual Android Apps

Google Goggles :

This is one of the app which surprise me always, The only reason I’m listing this app here is its unique feature, here you can take pictures of a landmarks, painting, or any other famous place, products etc hit on analysis button. now Google goggles will find it with its database, it will not only display all the information to your query but also the related to that place, product etc

Sound Massage – No more gloomy :

I personally found this app very unique.This app can actually overcome your stress, helps to improve your concentration(mind) power, makes you feel relief, away from all worries, It works on very simple though effective method i.e there are collection of different beautiful sound which touches your soul , sounds of  birds, wave, forest etc. I just can say it is a refreshing app helps to freshen your mind

Prox Lite :

This app allows you to complete some task even without touching your smartphone. Is it possible? yes, This app is based on accelerometer and proximity sensor, as you just need to do is tilt you phone in desired direction and then just simply pass your hand over the sensor to launch specific action. So now time to impress you friends, Seems like magic 🙂

Smart Measure Pro :

It is one another very unique app, allows you to measure almost everything with using  Camera of your android device , Surprised ? That’s true. Want to measure  height and distance of a tree simply , first aim at the bottom (ground) of it, take a picture, now aim at the top of it with across hair take second picture, here comes the measurement of tree’s height.and distance from you

Metal Detector :

On the basis of inbuilt magnetic sensor this application detect the magnetic field around your android device and display it strength , close you take your device to magnetic field results in increasing the strength. There is an alarm sound notifies you the strength of the magnetic field. It can be useful in finding underground metal and electrical wires in the wall
Here they were some amazing unique app. Hope you liked it and have installed it on your smartphone. There are many such apps present in the Google Play Store, so if you have something unusual or amazing for our readers than please mention it in the comment box. Have a nice day.