Top 5 MultiPlayer Games For Android Users

Today I’m here to share you the top 5 multiplayer games for Smartphone. There are many games to be revealed from the Google Play Store with such features of multiplayer. Having a multiplayer game on your Smartphone always helps you kill time while traveling with friend or when being bugged up. Multiplayer games are much more interesting as you can challenge your friends and beat their highest score. Well across so many apps from Google Play Store we have selected some best from it. Which are as follows !!!


1- 2 Player Reactor:

This is a perfect multiplayer game created by cool cherry trees. It is a complete pack of entertainment. After playing for hours you’ll still wish you could play more. This is basically a timing based game the fast you are the more you win. It has various modes in it, till now there are 17 mini games. In this game scores are count every time you hit the button before your opponent you get a point for it if you are right if you are wrong you’ll lose one. If you want to play it in 4 player modes the developers have developed another app named 4 player reactor but it will cost your pocket. This game is rated 4.6 by users more than 47,000.

2- Paper Wars:

This is a game you could play when you are frustrated or not in a mood to use brain. This game is developed by Sillycube. This game is made for 2 players on one device which serves you three different modes of playing which are Anti-Aircraft, Plane Smasher and cannon battle. All the three mode are to be played in multiplayer mode. Its graphics looks like they are hand drawing which make is more fun. You can challenge your random friend and smash his planes and throw cannon on him and have much more fun. For 1 player you can try to see how many waves you can survive under the paper war! This game is rated 3.9 by over thousands of users.

3- Slingshot Racing:

This application is categorized under racing and is exclusively only for touchscreen devices (Smartphone). It has stunning graphics and can be played alone or along with 4 friends on one device. It has a very simple game play you just need to grab a edge of the Smartphone and click it while turning but it is not as simple as it looks timing and experience do matter for this game and when you are with friends their skills also matters. It is a super addictive game with 3D effects. There are over 80 different features for career mode. This game is rated 4.7 by users more than 3000.

4-Chain reaction:

Unlike other games from above this game can be played among 8 of your friends. This is a strategy game. The primary objective of this game is to take control over the board by eliminating and grabbing the opponent’s orbs. Each player gets the chance round wise. Once the cell is filled with max number of orb’s it gets exploded into the surrounding cells making the kingdom bigger for that player. As player losses all the orb’s of his color in the board he losses the game and gets knocked out. Although this app is not so famous but it is worth getting famous because of its awesome sound strategic game play and it is just worth 148 kb which any one can afford.

5- Glow Hockey:

Last but not the least comes Glow Hockey. This game is based on air hockey which we play in real life. This app can be played between two friends one on one in one device. This game has different paddles and pucks with realistic graphics. It also has a vibrating alert for goals and supports almost all android devices. You can also challenge yourself in single player mode. This app is rated 4.4 by over 10 thousand users.


These were the best multiplayer game available on Google Play Store. Stay tuned to Above Android for more updates about the Android World. If we missed some game which deserved a play on the above list you are free to name it in the comment box.