Top 5 Apps That Women Should Download For Their Safety

Are Women Really Safe? Can they go for work without worries about something bad? I Think the answer is no for the situation now.

So therefore, we at Above Android like to put some light on the applications which can become life saving application for women. We highly recommend the user and readers of Above Android specially female readers to download and install any one of the following application.


1. Circle of 6

It allows you to built a circle of 6 friends/relatives (trusted people) and enables quick call or message when you are in danger with your location. With one touch you can inform your situation to selected 6 people. This can help you to find your location immediatly and help you out. It is available now for free on Google Play Store.

2. bSafe 

It is a GPS based safety alarm that sends SOS messages to various selected  person (as many as you want). you just need to do is, hit on SOS button to text/call them or to send them your location. Fake call is one of additional feature that can also be a lifesaver. It is available now for free on Google Play Store

3. SOS Whistle

Unlike above mention android application, It helps you by making loud noise (emergency alarm) even in silent mode, indicating danger situation, it grabs attention of people around  you (if any). The whistle sound is played when you tap and stops if you tap again. Download it for free from Google Play Store.

4. Life360

It is most powerful family locator, allows you to say updated regarding you family member. Life360 also gives alert notification to family member, of some family member enters in specified location and can also be helpful to track your misplaced or stolen phone.

5. FightBack

It is an Indian specific application comes with GPS, SMS, location maps, GPRS, email and Facebook to inform your friends and family you just need to do is press “Panic” button. All thing gets updated automatically and you can get assisted by someone very soon.


Whether you install it on your own phone or suggest it to your friend and family. This was Above Android’s small efforts to make you aware about all this useful applications. If you find this thing interesting and enjoyed reading comment below, it will motivate me to write more, any ya if you have any other best application for girls safety comment below, don’t forget to share with your friends and loved one’s .