Top 5 Android Apps For Freelancer And Online Workers

Working online may entail a lot of different things, and even though working from a desktop computer (laptop or PC) is the most efficient method of working online, we all cannot be online all the time. That is where apps may come in useful. They allow us to tinker with our online efforts whilst on the move. Sometimes being able to simply check to see if orders have come through, or being able to convert a currency payment, is all we need to do.
In such situations it would be inconvenient to go home or to the office to do such small tasks. That is where apps for tablets and Smartphones come into their own. Here are a few that you may find useful.

Android Apps For Freelancer And Online Workers

1. PayPal
This app allows you to check your online balance, to convert currency and to issue things such as invoices. It is a very handy app for being in the moment and having to process a payment or check a balance before you make a purchase.
This is a great little budget management app that works well for accounting your expenses. It allows you to scan and organize your receipts. You can categorize your expenses by month or by week, or even by project. You can even categorize them as per the trip you took. It is good for helping you to come up with a charge for your customer. Or, you could just use it to help you manage your expenses and add to your accounts. You may even use it as part of your current and future budget history and projections.
This is an app that allows you to take notes on your mobile device. It is good for allowing you to both organize and distribute your notes. You can upload your notes to the cloud to share them with others, or you can use them for personal use. You can create mind maps, add images and videos, so that your notes become more useful. You can even record voice memos for ideas you can try out later in the year.
With the Google Drive you get an office suite that is fully featured in order to help you create and organize your files on their Cloud service. The great thing is that you are able to synchronize your files on a few different devices. You may access your files from your Android tablet or phone, or your Windows or Apple phone or tablet. You may also access them from your PC or laptop. It also has very quick upload and download speeds too.
5. Asana
With this app you can manage your many online tasks, whether they are for personal reasons of for business reasons. It is also good because it allows you to manage tasks between you and other people. You can set up projects and work on them in collaboration with other online workers or even with your own staff. You can arrange and manage projects based upon your own criteria, or you can use one of the app templates. You can use this app with the iOS and the Android.

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