Top 5 Things You Can Do After Rooting Android Smartphone

The process through which one can unlock access to an Android phone’s system files and gain extended controls over the OS is known as rooting and it is very popular. Rooting Android Smartphone can allow you to use your phone to its full potential. Here are some of the top things you can do after rooting your Android device.


Top 5 Things You Can Do After Rooting Android Smartphone

Changing Boot Animation

So the first thing we can do is change the boot animation. It is the animation we see when our phone is turning on and we can change it after rooting. For this, we need a “.zip” file and we need to use a file explorer such as ES File Explorer and grant root permissions. Then, we have to go to the downloads folder, copy the boot animation zip file and paste it in the system/media. Then, we need to rename the old boot animation to “” and rename our new one to “”. Now, when we restart our phone, we will be greeted with our new boot animation. Sample link to the boot animation can be downloaded by clicking here.

 Delete Bloatware After Root!

After rooting, we can also delete bloatware. Bloatware can be permanent system files that we don’t want and are occupying unnecessary space. To do this, we need to install System App Remover on our device and then grant it SuperUser permissions. From here, we can delete the system apps we find useless!

Also Check Out our tutorial on How To Uninstall System Applications. Download System App Remover here


Now, you might be familiar with the term overclocking on PC’s. Android phones can also be overclocked after rooting. Now there are many apps out there which get the job done, but I’d recommend CPU Tuner which is the most user friendly. Beware that overclocking above a certain limit can damage your hardware permanently, so do this at your own risk. A simple overclock of 200 Mhz can boost your device performance without majorly affecting your battery life.

Download CPU Tuner from here

Flashing Custom ROMs!

If you’re not happy with your phone’s UI and tired of changing small things on your phone. You can install a custom ROM. Now many guides are present all over the internet to flash a ROM on your respective device and the process may differ from phone to phone. I would recommend going for well know and official ROM builds as they won’t mess up your phone. These would be Resuurection ROM, LineageOS or AOSP. Happy flashing!

Advanced Battery Savings After Root

The last on the list is advanced battery saving. With root premissions, you can install apps which can gain extended control over others in order to save battery life. Greenify is an excellent app and while it works without root, the root mode lets you take advantage of the full capabilities of the app. The app has helped me increase my phone’s battery life by more than an hour.


Download Greenify from here

In conclusion, rooting android smartphone can open a window of opportunities when it comes to taking full benefit of your device. However, if you don’t want to void your warranty or don’t want to go through the technicalities of the process, then you should acknowledge the fact that your phone is already capable enough as an Android device itself!