Top 5 Superhero Wallpapers Apps for Android

Everyone loves superheroes, which include superhero movies, TV series, and comics. There are multiple superhero movies trending this year, which is one of the biggest reasons to customize our Android device according to our favorite hero.


In order to upgrade the boring Android interface, you should change the wallpaper into something better. In this article, we will talk about the top superhero wallpaper app for Android devices.

Top 5 Superhero Wallpapers App for Android Devices:

These are the best Superhero wallpapers app for Android devices, which will help you to upgrade your Android device constantly. Each and every app listed below delivers a different pattern of Superhero wallpapers, so choose the application according to your preference by reading the complete details.

1.Superheroes Wallpapers | 4K Backgrounds:

This particular superhero wallpaper application is compatible with each and every Android device. You will get almost each and every superhero wallpaper in the entire multiverse. Even non-famous director wallpapers are also available in the collection of this application. Most importantly, each and every wallpaper is available in HD quality.


  • More than 1000+ wallpapers are included in this collection.
  • Almost each and every superhero wallpaper is available in the collection.
  • Not only superheroes include super villains and superheroine characters as well
  • Each and every superhero wallpaper is available in HD and 4K quality.

2.Superheroes Wallpapers by Apphics:

One of the best collections of superhero wallpaper is available in this application for Android devices. Almost each and every character in the Superhero multiverse is available in this application collection. Download any wallpaper into your device and use it offline. New wallpapers added to the application will get automatically updated on your smartphone. 


  • Application is having a minimalistic and user-friendly interface.
  • Create your own favorite superhero wallpaper list within the application.
  • daily update of HD quality superhero wallpaper in the application.

3.Superhero Wallpapers HD:

This application is basically developed for providing 4K quality Superhero wallpapers for Android users. This application is user-friendly and does not take much of the storage and data pack. This application will offer you more than 5000 Superhero wallpapers for your Android device. You can create a collection of your favorite wallpapers by adding them to your favorites list. Request for any missing character wallpapers within the app.


  • Each and every wallpaper is available in 4K and HD quality.
  • More than 5000 wallpapers are available in the collection.
  • All the new wallpapers will get updated automatically in the collection.
  • Each and every superhero character wallpaper are available in the collection.

4.Protanica – Wallpapers HD Superhero Background:

 This application is one of the best for Superhero wallpapers. You can find almost every superhero and supervillain wallpapers for your Android devices. You can easily set any superhero wallpaper as your home screen by a single tap from the application. Apart from the home screen, you can also make a lock screen and even share it with your friends. This application is continuously updated with various new HD quality wallpapers.


  • Each and every Marvel’s infinity war neon wallpapers series is available in the application.
  • Smooth transition and compatible with all Android devices.
  • Most of the good quality custom made design Superhero wallpapers available in the collection.
  • HD quality artwork wallpaper as well as captured wallpapers available in the collection.

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5.Superhero Wallpapers HD by ZeroCell:

Both DC and Marvel universe Superhero wallpapers are available in the collection of this application. You can use the search option to search for specific Superhero wallpapers within the application. One-click wallpaper setup and share options are available in the application.


  • Each and every superhero wallpaper uh is available for free.
  • Share Superhero wallpapers with friends and family with easy share options.
  • Get to download every Superhero wallpapers in HD quality.

Last Words:

Customize your Android device according to the personality of yours by choosing the appropriate superhero wallpaper. We have gathered complete information about the various superhero wallpaper apps from different sources and posted them in this article for you. Share this important article with others, so that they get to know about the best superhero wallpaper apps for Android devices.