5 Best Sony Android TV in 2019

Television is one of the major sources of indoor entertainment which is being used for several decades. Throughout the time television has evolved in different ways in different eras. Television is basically used for broadcasting telecast different channels in the comfort of your home.


Recently television Technology has evolved and various advanced features got included in it. In order to know about the best TV, we need to discuss Sony Android TV available on the market in detail.

Top 5 Sony Android TV in 2019:

These are the best Sony Android TV which you can choose for your home entertainment. Each of these TV sets is having different features and functionalities which we have listed in this article.

1. Sony A9F OLED:

This is the best Sony smart Android TV available in the market right now. This is the OLED series, which offers excellent quality pictures with blacks, natural colors, and wide-angle views. All the four HDMI ports available on the TV set are 2.0.

This is one of the highest-rated Android smart TVs with good user reviews. We would definitely recommend you to look into the features before purchasing this one.

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2. Sony X950G:

If you are not interested in OLED TV due to the possibility of burn-in, then this is the best-LED alternative TV you can find. It has an excellent quality of 4K resolution with a high quality of brightness and accuracy.

The following model is available in various sizes ranges between 55” to 85”. If you are going for the screen size, then this model will have a hybrid VA panel along with the wide-angle filter.

Although according to various user reviews, this particular model is having a contrast ratio but having a better viewing angle.

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3. Sony X750F:

If you are looking for budget-friendly and entry-level 4K smart Android TV, then this model will be the perfect one for you. Good wide-angle viewing, but due to low brightness settings it does not perform well in dark rooms.

Compared to other models, this particular TV is lacking wide color gamut and HDR capabilities. Few of the advanced features and capabilities are also missing from this particular model, which includes image processing capability.

You can use this particular TV for watching TV shows, Sports, video games and PC monitors. You can purchase this model from the below-provided link in this article.

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4. Sony A8G OLED:

Another OLED series smart Android TV which offers 4K HDR processing. Due to the OLED, you can experience a good quality of contrast, color, and black.

This particular model is provided with acoustic surface audio Technology, which will offer you a good quality of audio. Voice navigation in this smart Android TV is one of the major advanced features available in this model. 

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5. Sony A8F OLED:

This particular smart Android TV model is much similar to most of the OLED TV offered by Sony. This particular TV set is having the capability of processing 4K HDR, and it will bring out realism in an outstanding manner.


Similar to most of the Android smart TV offered by Sony, you can use voice navigation in order to navigate throughout the TV.

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Last Words:

Nowadays smart TV is one of the most trending technological devices available in the market. Much like Android smartphones, Android is also available for smart TVs offered by different manufacturers.

We have gathered complete information about the best Sony Android TV from different sources and user reviews and posted them in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they get to choose between the best Sony Android TV in the market.