TOP 5 Reasons to Buy Yu Yuphoria

Yu televentures earlier in May launched the new smartphone Yu Yuphoria which is the only smartphone with metal body under 10000. The smartphone as expected has made the youth in India mad over the specifications and designs provided by the company. Till now two flash sales of this smartphone has taken place and you won’t believe that in both the sales, Yu managed to sell the whole stock within 1 minute and we managed to get one for ourselves in the first flash sale itself.


With so many people registering for the Yu Yuphoria, we decided to give you a brief detail of why actually you should award yourself with a Yu Yuphoria. As we all know the pricing of this smartphone is very low when compared to the specifications offered. If you are an Apple or Windows OS user, you can keep this as your secondary device and get the taste of Android. So now moving further with the Reasons!


Yu Yuphoria comes out of the box with CyanogenMod 12 which is nothing else but your Android 5.0.2 on steroids! Believe me its true; with CyanogenMod you’ll get full control over your smartphone and be able to use it to the extreme. CyanogenMod allows user to enable features which are available only in Flagship phones. For instance: double tap to awake which are available only in the smartphones of LG is provided with this smartphone as it supports CyanogenMod. Let us know which is your best feature of CyanogenMod?


This is another great reason to buy the Yu Yuphoria! Although 4G is not launched all over India this smartphone has this feature already enabled in it. As Rahul Sharma, CEO of YU said, “this is a future smartphone” and we completely agreed with the words of Rahul. 4G ready smartphone under 7000 is obviously worth value.


Yuphoria is beast within the price range it is offered at, Yu Yuphoria come with 2 GB of RAM and not to forget it supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor. Under 7000 this is the only smartphone which provides 2GB of RAM, also it supports a very popular processor which is usually offered only in Flagship smartphones which is Snapdragon Processor. It supports 16 GB of internal storage along with an external SD card support which is up to 32 GB. Specifications of this smartphone are really a great reason to buy this smartphone. Hands down no other smartphone under 7000 has provided this kind of features.


Yu Yuphoria is not only a great smartphone for giving such amazing features but it also provides amazing feel to your hands when you operate it. Yuphoria has a removable back panel with amazing metal ring at the side of the smartphone. It looks like the smartphone is wearing a protective cover. The metal borders adds an “WOW” to the Yuphoria, it is designed to give you flagship feel. Also the Audio jack is placed at the top of the smartphone which looks very decent and the charging slot is at the bottom.


Well with all the features mentioned above, it is very natural for your battery to go off after giving you 6-7 hours of usage as we all know that is very less when you have to go to college or at work place. So to solve this issue, Yuphoria supports a quick charger which is again a feature of flagship smartphone and is only available in expensive smartphones like Nexus 6, Samsung galaxy S6 Edge etc. Quick charger allows your smartphone to get charged from 15% to 100% within 1 Hour so now if you have low battery you can simply put it on charging and you’ll get your smartphone back in action within 1 hour.


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These were the top 5 reasons to buy the Yu Yuphoria in the next sale at Amazon India and I’m sure after reading this you won’t have a second thought about buying it. Make sure to register before the registration ends. Comment Below your reason to buy Yu Yuphoria.