Top Premium Apps That Are Worth Your Time

Most of us download free apps rather than spending money on premium apps or paid apps. Actually, there are many apps with similar functions, so you could certainly find apps that you like to download for free. However, there are quality options that are actually worth paying for. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best apps that you should check out.


Mobile Casino Games

Today mobile gaming is really a global phenomenon, and online casinos know that, so they have a mobile-friendly website or a mobile application ( some offer paid apps). 

This means that you, as a member, have a lot of options when it comes to playing casino games on mobile devices. In fact, there’s an abundance of casino games online and even more casino sites. However, you should only register on reputable and safe casino sites like Casimba,  when you want to access a premium collection of casino games, promotions, and exclusive VIP benefits. 


When you download apps, they require certain permissions like to use your camera or access your contacts. This app helps you manage these permissions and also prevent apps from wasting your battery in the background. Furthermore, Bouncer doesn’t have a complicated setup and will protect your privacy and personal details.


This is an award-winning wallpaper generator. You will have an opportunity to browse a huge collection of wallpapers, customize your own themes, and wallpapers with hundreds of different patterns and colors. It’s a great option for anyone that wants more personalized wallpaper or someone that constantly is looking for new, better themes for their electronic devices.


This is a great app with several awesome features that will help you become more organized. You can take notes in a way that works for you, from taking photos, to audios message, and  this app will help you track everything. 

It’s free for download, but there’s a paid version that has many great features like scanning and digitalizing business cards, it makes presentations from your notes instantly, you can organize and save your emails on the platform, annotate your PDF documents,  add an unlimited number of devices and many other great features. It’s an excellent option for students or business managers with a small team that needs to coordinate and complete important projects.


The Five Minute Journal

If you’re already familiar with the hype around the Five-Minute journal, then you know that it has been used by many celebrities like Emma Watson, Leo Babauta, and many others. There are a lot of positive benefits associated with practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

This app makes it easier for you to stay committed to the practice of gratitude, and it’s a great option for everyone that finds writing on your phone more convenient and easier than using the physical copy. It’s also a lot cheaper than the physical version. You’ll also get a notification with a positive quote and weekly challenges to keep you motivated.