5 Outstanding Casino Game Apps for Android in 2020

5 Outstanding Casino Game Apps for Android in 2020

Mobile apps have revolutionized many aspects of life. From shopping, learning, travel, health, exercise, and fitness to worship, there’s an app for virtually every activity today. This app revolution has heavily influenced the modern casino industry. The Android platform has come in handy to allow more players to enjoy their favorite games on mobile devices.  

A 2018 eMarketer Report showed that smartphone users spend 90% of their internet time on apps ranging from gaming, shopping, social media apps, and many more. From card games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, video poker, roulette, faro, keno to video slots, there’s no limit to the games you can play on mobile. 

As more players join the fun on mobile, the casino industry is under pressure to develop the best applications. This post explores some of the best Android mobile games you should look out for.

Full House Casino

If you want to enjoy the experience of mobile casino games, choose an all-in-one Casino app like Full House Casino. This Android App offers you access to multiple games, including slots, poker-style card games such as Texas Hold ‘Em, traditional poker, blackjack, roulette, slots tournaments, and more. 

Casino Frenzy

This casino app has a reputation for its slots and video poker. They update slots and video poker frequently which keeps things interesting. There are bonuses and awards every hour. 

While there’s no real-money gambling or prizes, this app is a great way to learn the tricks used by the professional poker players, including the 5 biggest poker wins of all time. These greats are Sam Trickett ($10,112,001), Jamie Gold ($12,000,000), Elton Tsang ($12,248,912), Daniel Colman ($15,306,668) and Antonio Esfandiari ($18,346,670). 

While you might not have the dream of playing professional poker, using an app like Casino Frenzy helps you boost your game strategy. Some of the biggest poker winners, such as Chris Moneymaker ($2.5 million), started to play for fun and yet made great wins.

25-1 Casino

This is an incredible mobile gaming platform where you’ll enjoy tons of exciting casino games. Such games include Keno, Baccarat, Blackjack, Jacks, and various types of video poker and roulette, to mention a few. You have all your games in one place. 

25-in-1 Casino
25-in-1 Casino
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  • 25-in-1 Casino Screenshot
  • 25-in-1 Casino Screenshot
  • 25-in-1 Casino Screenshot

888 Casino

This is a real money slots casino app available on both Android and browsers. It has been around since 1997 and has licensing from UKGC in the UK. The casino app has a reputation for amazing graphics, a wide range of thrilling games, deals, promotions, and rewards, big title slots, and many other features. 

616 Digital slots


616 Digital Slots is one of over 2.8 million Android apps available on Google Play. This is an Android gaming platform that offers an impressive range of slots. There are some free to play slots games (with in-app purchases) and pay-once slots games. If you want to have fun without putting in any money, the free to slots are a great option. You’ll learn how to use the app and find interesting games to pass the time. 

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Final Thoughts

If you want to have fun with casino games on your mobile, it’s time to explore some of these Android gaming apps. Most of them offer free games to help you enjoy and understand the platform. As you acclimatize to the apps, you can start playing for real money and even participate in jackpot tournaments.