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Top 5 Free Music Player Android App 2015

Top 5 Free Music Player Android App 2015

by Harsh ShahJanuary 5, 2015

Listening music on the go, or in spare time is the best way to kill the boredom. Today in this article we have listed down best free music player android app for 2015. MP3 player android app enhance your interest in  listening to any song due to the great UI and Features like inbuilt equalizer, sounds effects you can adjust, provides lyrics of the songs you play in the android music player. We have listed only free audio player out of numbers of free and premium Android Mp3 player available on Google Playstore with assurance to deliver you the best of all apps in 2015. Before proceeding with the list of apps , please do check that following  android music player app only plays mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+) mkv(4.0+) files.

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Best Free Music Player Android App 2015

n7player Music Player Android Apps on Google Play 1. N7 Player Music Player : Download Link

One of a kind interface, this unique android music player has 10 band equalizer for your convenient sound setting and effects. One thing that amaze me about this app is, unlike other this app has “Tag Cloud” for artist so that you can browse simply to your favorite song in single click. With amazing customization you can change color,  Lock screen widget and many more.

Google Play Music Android Apps on Google Play 2. Google Music Android App : Download Link

Developed by Google Inc grabs the second place in the list of best android app for listening music 2015, well this is the pretty simple and elegant app in terms of UI. You can enjoy your music from your phone as well as from the web, which makes this app more preferable. Another thing impressed me is, you will get smart recommendation of songs based on your taste. And  you can also create custom  radio from songs.

Music Player Rocket Player Android Apps on Google Play3. Music Player – Rocket Player  : Downlaod Link

Rocket player has been ranked great on Google Playstore due to the easy to handle design. Some of the wow features includes 30+ Different theme to make it look new everyday. 3 kind of different lock screens and widgets. Also support  Cromecast for experiencing music on television and with the support of app in android wearable watches, it attracts many music lovers. You can also play video in this app.

doubleTwist Player Music Play Android Apps on Google Play4. DoubleTwist Player, Music Play – Download Link

Yet another one of the most talked android audio player we have in the list. This app sync iTunes music library with your android device better then any other android app. You can browse by artist, songs, albums , playlist and genre which again make this app quick to use. It is also integrated with Postcast client where you can manage all podcast easily. Also has built-in DLAN and Airplay but you need to pay few buck to enjoy this services. Even you can give a try for 7 day after you have to pay 29.99$ for a year

 Shuttle Music Player Android Apps on Google Play5. Shuttle Music Player : Download Link

With Less then 5 MB, This small size app will the last choice for listening audio. Unlike other app, this music player got one unique feature i.e Sleep Timer, not a great feature, but sometimes it works amazing. Just set sleeping time and music playing will end up automatically. If you are one of those who sleeps listing music then this app is for you. This feature may help you to save battery until you wake up and charge your phone.

Well, I hope above listed Music Player Android App 2015 may help you enjoy music like never before. Above Android Team always love to deliver quality apps to our readers So dont forget to subscribe our mailing list to get more awesomeness and Do comment if you have any other best android music player apps. We would love if you share Above Android’s hours of research on best MP3 player android app on social media. Comment below if any query, suggestion , question regarding this article. ENJOY MUSIC


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  • Derek Claycomb

    Personally, I prefer what I payed for 4 years ago when I got my first smart phone. It’s called “PlayerPro Music Player”. I have never had major issues with it, unless you consider the artist pictures don’t always load the correct picture all the time. But, that problem can be fixed quickly, manually. Also this app always (at least as long as I have had it) had an additional file called DSP Pack that can be downloaded. It’s very small and gives you 5 EXTRA Band’s, making it a 10 band EQ. Great app. It can be downloaded as a trial for 14 days, after which I BELIEVE it must be paid for to be used fully, not 100% sure on that. I’m not too site on price of app, I just don’t remember. You do have to uninstall trial app if it’s on your device and you plan to purchase it. These pics are screenshot’s of app on play store.

    • Hello Derek, I totally agree with your preference, PlayerPro Music player is among best audio player for android phones. But unfortunately I haven’t listed this app in my list of best MP3 player 2015, just because it is premium app and we have listed only free apps for listening music, as the tittle of the article says. We will sure add this app in the next addition of best premium/paid MP3 player for android. Thanks for commenting Derek, Have a nice day.

  • Jeevan

    I believe PowerAmp is equally good in all the aspects you have pointed out. It is too one among the high rated apps. Deserves to be listed here.

    • Hie Jeevan, Yes I do agree that PowerAmp is great Music Player, the reason I have not listed in this article is just because Poweramp app is paid and we are listing Best music player app available for free on Google play store ( move your eyes to tittle of this article ) . We have added this app in the next list “best paid music player android app for 2015”. Thanks a ton for visiting Above Android and leaving your comment, Its means a lot to us. Have a great day Jeevan, Thanks

  • MahaliaCivale

    Thanks for sharing. Music is everywhere and it pervades our world. Here recommends you some free music apps for Android in amoyshare site.