Top 5 Features You Didn’t Know About Android Oreo

Android Oreo, released just a few weeks ago, may not be a major update to Android but it has quite a few secret tricks up its sleeve that you’d want to know about! Here are 5 of the most interesting hidden features you didn’t know about Android Oreo.


Project Treble

Project Treble was released by Google this year. This made changes to the framework of the OS which made it more modular. This made that changes in the OS could be made easily. This makes it very easy for developers to push out Custom ROM builds to the phones quickly. However, the major upside to this would be faster and more updates from OEMs. This targets mostly those OEMs which have heavy skins running on top of the phone which makes it harder for them to update the phones. Project Treble makes it easier for Android O to be available as much percentage of phones as possible.

Smart Text Selection

Just like Google Now on Tap detecting the screen contents, Smart Text Selection allows contextual application gateways to appear. Let’s say that you’re selecting an address. Smart Text selection will give you the option to navigate to that address using Google Maps.

Turn on WiFi automatically!

Android O also allows you enable an option in the settings through which the Wi-Fi gets automatically enabled as soon as the user comes near the location where the phone has previously been connected to a remembered network. This feature also needs locational services to be turned on.

Adaptive Icons

Source: Developers of Android

The developers of phone skins such as MIUI and Samsung’s TouchWiz have rectangular shaped icons. However, with the rounded style icons being introduced for many phones, it becomes hard for the developers to define the icon style for millions of app. Adaptive Icon is a very intelligent feature of Android 8 which crops the icons based on the shape of others which allows them to be consistent shaped. They largely contribute towards enhancing the look and feel of the OS.

Powered By Android in Boot Animation

Although the boot animation on Android Oreo hasn’t changed, there is now a small piece of text stating “Powered By Android” at the bottom during the boot animation. This is only in Pixel and Nexus Devices but adds a nice touch!


So these were the main new features of Android O. This update seems quite promising and with Google’s concerted efforts at providing regular updates throughout all phones, Android seems to progress steadily in its development.