Top 5 Features of Google News App

At I/O 2018 developer conference, Google announced a new Google News app which comes with Artificial Intelligence to organize news around the world. The Google news comes with new set of AI techniques that take the constant flow of information from the Internet and then analyze it into your storylines.


Google says, “At its core, this technology lets us synthesize information and put it together in a way that helps you make sense of what’s happening, and what the impact or reaction has been.”

Google News app is live for all Android users. As, AI is at the core of Google News, so it is able to understand, what you’re interested in from politics to entertainment and more. The company makes it easier, by bringing all its products into unified News experience. We at Above Android selected Top 5 features of Google News app. Let’s take a quick look on it.

Top 5 features of Google News App:

1. Local and World News Powered by AI:

Google News comes with AI technology, so it will show you more news stories that you’re most interested. Also, the app will improve quality by showing news article from the trusted source. However, the company will depend on same AI algorithms to deliver news content to readers of Google news app.

2. For You: Briefing about your daily news

Everytime you open the Google News app, you will see “For You” section. In this section, the app will show small briefing which includes five stories that are totally based on AI algorithms. The app will show most relevant content to you along with weather forecast. Moreover, the AI algorithms include both your location and interests to make a decision what to display on For You section.

The app will show a combination of Global headlines and local news and also it changes five stories throughout the day. In the app, you will get infinite scroll option to read things of your interest.

3. Full Coverage:

Full Coverage is a new feature of Google News app which is available on all story. Just by tapping on the small multi-colored icon in the corner of the story, you can read full coverage of the Google news. After tapping full coverage button, it will take you to a dedicated page which has five section that includes Live Coverage, Top Coverage, Videos, Timeline and News from Twitter.

4. Headlines:

At the bottom of the app, you will see Headlines link. However, Google News doesn’t allow customize Headlines content on its section to match your interests. Instead, the headline section offers top stories of the day from the number of categories. The stories on Headlines section come from any source, even from which you have blocked previously.

5. Newsstand: Subscribe With Google:

Newsstand feature allows users to subscribe to your favorite magazines and later download it on your Smartphone. This feature let you subscribe and pay for content directly from publisher’s website using your Google Payment details. However, most of the subscription is based on Monthly fees, so one has to pay for that subscription as per month. For this subscription, Google has partnered with Financial Times, New York Times, USA Today, and more.


You can download Google News app directly from Google Play Store. Do try this top 5 feature of Google News app and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.

Download Google News App from Here.