Top 5 Features of Android Pie 9.0

Google presents you with all the new official update ‘Android Pie’ also known as ‘Android 9.0’. But it is available only on selected devices, like – Pixels, few of the Android one and Project Treble phones. You will get the experience of new highlights and animations with excellent features given. Let me now tell you about the top 5 features which you can enjoy in Android Pie. So, here we go!

1. Adaptive battery

Now let’s talk about the first features, that is, Adaptive battery. Here, the battery will consume less power which will increase your battery life. Hence, it will not allow others apps to use more battery because it will wake up as soon as the apps will run in the background. I think this will really, make your phone good.

2. Digital Wellbeing

Approximately nowadays every single person has a smartphone and they use it most of the time in their busy lives but it has become a kind of addiction that’s why Android Pie gives a beta program called digital wellbeing which lets you aware of using your handset. It will give a daily report on how many apps you have used, how many notifications you have got, and even for how many times you have unlocked your phone.

3. Rotation toggle

You will get a new button just on the right side of the home button. If you will turn off it then you cannot rotate the screen until and unless you press the button again.

4. Gesture Navigation

If you think, ‘Why this feature is in the list of Top 5 Features?’, then let me tell you this feature is not only for good but it is necessary. By swiping up with your fingers you will open a navigation map. Go to settings find ‘Swipe up on the home button’ and then enable it. It will control your device and there will be no standard framework.

5. Wi-Fi RTT (Round-Trip-Time)

This feature of the Android Pie will make you find yourself at the pinpoint location of where are you. With the ability of Wi-Fi RTT, you could open up an entirely new world of indoor mapping. You will get directions in a mall or office building when you will actually need.

So, get a phone which supports Android 9.0 and enjoy!