Top 5 Endoscope for Android Phone in 2019

Endoscope or ‘snake cameras’ as they are called because of their appearance are devices with the waterproof camera having long wires that are used to examine blockages or scrutinize obstructions. Endoscope for Android can easily be connected to an Android phone and can be monitored with an Endoscope Android App. These devices were initially used only in the medical profession but now they are used by almost everyone for household repairs, personal appliance repairs or even science projects of students.


The camera records the video of the obstruction and shows it up on your smartphone. These endoscopes are affordable and quite effective. Endoscope for Android is also perfectly operated in Android 2.5+ and iOS smartphones with Endoscope Android Apps. Below are mentioned 5 such best endoscopes that you can use for your android phones in 2019.

5 Best Endoscope for Android Phones in 2019

1. DEPTECH Wireless Endoscope:

One of the best sellers of 2019, this product is mostly in demand for its clarity, flexibility, and versatility. This endoscope can produce its own Wi-Fi and does not need any cable or adapter for it. It also runs the advantage of working in all weather conditions because of its camera head which is absolutely waterproof and has 6 LED lights in it to have access to dark areas.

This Android Endoscope is equipped with bendable cables and that can easily fit in holes and cracks where eyes or hands cannot reach. Providing a resolution of 1600*1200p, it provides a better quality image for every picture or video that it takes.

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2. BlueFire:

This endoscope is equally famous in the market and is best known for its long cable and powerful battery and a waterproof rating of IP68. It can work with several mobile devices and is highly versatile. It has a battery of 1800mAH and no other endoscope comes near to it.

BlueFire EndoScope for Android has a 2-megapixel camera and is even equipped with 6 LED lights that make taking photos and videos at dark places convenient and with better picture quality. It also has a special zoom feature and has an adjustable resolution. It uses advanced Wi-Fi technology and is, therefore, a great deal.

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3. Teslong Endoscope:

The Tesla endoscope comes with a 5.5m diameter camera that is adaptable for all weather conditions. It can inspect really dark and deep places with much ease again with the help of 6 LED lights and with no damage. It has a semi-rigid snake cable that can be used for places that are not easily accessible.

Teslong Endoscope for Android is designed with a lithium battery of 2600 mAh that makes it work constantly for 6 hours. The battery is replaceable too which is a plus point as it lets you record more in case you are looking for a backup. It weighs about 15.2 ounces making it easily portable as well.  The camera has an 8 GB card but is known to manage cards up to 32 GB.

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4. THZY Endoscope Android:

A perfect endoscope for Android, this is known to perform various functions like outdoor exploration, car repair, and maintenance, etc. It has a 10 m long cable and has a water-resistant camera that can work underwater but taking precautionary steps like not dipping it to more than 3.3ft and time not extending 25 minutes.

It comes with a camera of 2 megapixels HD and 3 adjustable resolutions enabling clear HD recording. With 6 LED lights reducing image exposure, this endoscope is known to inspect things and places where hands and bare eyes cannot reach. It has WiFi connectivity featuring a 33ft range with which you can connect it to your smartphone easily making it a good deal too.

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5. Beva Endoscope:

This wireless endoscope is known to be used for a large number of applications. In order to get a proper focus, there are 3 resolutions available that are shot with an 8.0mm camera. The 2 MP camera that it has helps to focus distance of 4-6 cm enabling a clear focused look.

This endoscope too has an IP67 waterproof rating and comes with blue LED technology and specially adjustable white LED lights enabling it to function in dark and damp places. A positive point is that in order to get the most of the viewing area at one single shit, this endoscope comes with a 70-degree angle. The battery is of 750 mAh capacity making the endoscope work for approximately 100 minutes. It is compatible with both Androids and Windows.


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It is evident from the above types of inspection cameras that all are suited for different workspaces and one needs to choose wisely for their activities.  All come in different designs with different adaptability including some that can work even in water.

Some points however that should be kept in mind while purchasing Android Phone Endoscopes can be the camera size and its attributes, picture resolution, cable diameter, durability, and focal distance. One needs to look into all these details and then purchase their endoscopes as per their conduct of application.