Cool Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone [ Top 5 ]

People having Android Smartphone are the luckiest guys in these world. There are so many customization for android in every ways like Keyboards, Themes, Lock screen and many more that you never get bugged up with your smartphone. although Android have some limitations which can be removed by rooting your cell and there are many Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone available on playstore, before that you should know the  benefits of rooting your smartphone which we posted the last week.
So now lets get go the point. Android phones are spectacular little devices because they’re able to do so much that others simply can’t , but one big snag in that greatness is that many of those best features require that the phones be rooted that is it need super user permissions. Whether you plan on installing custom ROMs or not, you may want to root your phone just to use the great apps that require root access.

Cool Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone [ Top 5 ] 1There is a application called Superuser which get installed when you root your phone but sometimes if you don’t root it properly, these application doesn’t get installed so no worries you can download it by clicking here. This application gives open access to installed all the applications which need root access. With Superuser installed, any app that needs root privileges to run will have to ask permission, and an informative pop-up will display with the option to give it those privileges. This app is an absolute must for any of the other apps on the list to even run.

However I won’t count this application as one of the Top 5 root application because it already comes when you root it. So here are the 5 most essential Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone:

1. Titanium Backup

This applications is just amazing to backup all your applications.It not only backup apps ,but it also backup all their data so if u delete any of your game and install it again you will start from where you stopped isn’t that amazing.Making regular backups of all your apps (and their data) can ensure that if you ever really screw up, say in trying to install a custom ROM, that you can still have everything the way you left it should you need to wipe the entire phone and start from scratch.

2. Shootme

Every android phone have their custom way of taking screenshot but in every Smartphone you need to press two or more button simultaneously which some of them find difficult. So this application is an extremely simple, user friendly that rectifies that situation, but it needs your Smartphone to be rooted first. This application have the greatest feature which allows us to select which action is to be used from different options like shaking the phone, covering the light sensor, or just yelling at it (my favorite).

3. Metamorph

Cool Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone [ Top 5 ] 2

This is an very interesting application to amaze your friends. Metamorph is a small app that allows you to theme any part of
 Android by applying simple patch files. Learning how to make your own themes isn’t exactly the easiest thing
in the world, but most users don’t bother—there are plenty to choose from, made by other users who are absolutely nuts about theming. Parts of the system that can be themed by Metamorph include the lock-screen, menu screens, individual apps, or just about
anything else that’s ever displayed on the screen. It’s all possible.

4. Adfree

The name of the application itself give us a view of the application. Adfree may actually be the greatest root-essential app available on Android, and it’s one that you never see unless it needs updating. All Adfree does is block ads, but it does it for everything on the phone. Since the app works by blocking ad-serving sites at the IP address level (by modifying the phone’s Hosts file), it doesn’t slow your system down, and it does a remarkably good job. Even if you don’t mind ads in your browser, using Adfree makes “free” apps from the Market much more tolerable, since most of them have pop-up ads that tend to ruin the experience otherwise.

5. SetCPU

Cool Android Apps For Rooted Smartphone [ Top 5 ] 3
SetCPU has been, is still, and will probably be for quite some time the tool for controlling a rooted Android phone’s processor speed.Yes you can customize the speed of your Smartphone all by yourself. SetCPU allows the user to exert total control over how fast, or slow, the processor runs at any given point in time. As an example, SetCPU can force the processor to sit at its lowest setting whenever the screen is turned off, but to use a range between 240 MHz and 806 MHz as needed while the phone is awake. For phones that have the ability to drastically overclock, SetCPU can help ensure that they don’t overheat by keeping watch on the temperature, and acting accordingly.

Know of any other great apps for rooted Android phones? Have any personal favorite that’s not on the list? Share them in the comments! You are always welcome