5 Best Clipboard Apps for Android

While using each and every device copy-paste is one of the common actions we perform. Most of the cases you might replace the copied text with another in case you forgot to paste it elsewhere. In order to avoid these situations, we need to use the clipboard app on our devices. Clipboard apps will help you to manage multiple copied text without replacing anything. In this article, we will discuss the best clipboard app available for Android devices.


Top Clipboard Apps Available for Android Devices:

Android One and Pure Android devices come with keyboard installed which is having additional clipboard manager by default. In case your device is missing clipboard manager then you can always download the third-party clipboard apps in your Android device. Read the complete details about these third-party Keyboard Apps carefully before installing them in your device.


Gboard is the default keyboard application available in most of the Android devices. Recently they have added few extra features which were not available previously in it. Clipboard management is one such feature that you can use for managing your copied text. In case your device is missing this keyboard application then you can always download it from the link provided below this article. 

In order to enable this feature, you need to tap on the three horizontal dots available in the suggestion area where you can choose the clipboard option. You need to enable it which will allow you to save multiple copied text for further use. You can easily copy link and text using the default app and select any text which needed to be pasted. This is the best way to manage your clipboard without installing any third-party apps in your device.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

2.Clip Stack:

This is another open-source clipboard Manager app available for Android devices. You can easily store multiple copied text even if you to reboot your device it will remember it for you. This application will also allow you to prioritize multiple copied text by marking them with stars. You can even share copied text with others on any other third-party application.

It will even allow you to merge multiple clips into a single clip according to your preference. once you install this application you can easily access it from the notification center of your device. Recent 5 copied text will be available to be accessed from the notification center, and be accessed by opening the app.

3.Clipper – Clipboard Manager:

Another well-known clipboard manager application which is one of the most recommended clipboard apps for Android users. This application is having two different versions, the free version will allow you to save up to 20 clips at a time. Once you copy any text then it will get replaced by the older one already available in the manager.

The free version will also have annoying server ads at the bottom of the page. You can purchase the premium version to have unlimited copying access without any ads. Even the complete data will get sync online and you will not lose anything even if you reboot your device. 

Developer: rojekti
Price: Free

4.Copy Bubble:

This is a user-friendly clipboard management application, which will allow you to manage copied text. This application is having a minimal user interface along with a bubblehead which will allow you to access it much easier. The bubblehead is much similar to the Facebook messenger which can be accessed anytime. 

Developer: Diigo
Price: Free

5.Multi Clipboard Manager:

Use this application for managing copied text in your Android device. It also offers several extra features that will allow you to edit the copied text. It can easily detect and read OTP messages and allow you to use the easy copy-paste action.

Developer: Lufick
Price: Free+

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Managing copied text became much easier by using clipboard apps in your smartphone devices. We have collected various information regarding clipboard apps from different sources and user reviews. We have posted that information in this article for a better understanding of the functionality of these apps. Share this important article with others, so that they get to choose the best clipboard apps for their Android device.