Top 5 Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

Nowadays in our busy schedule, most of us forget our friends and family’s birthdays. Although as a good friend and family member, you should definitely remember their birthdays. There are various applications available for each and every activity which make our life easier. Just like most of the cases, there are several Birthday Reminder Apps available in the market for reminding the birthdays for you in your Android device.


Top 5 Birthday Reminder Apps for Android Devices:

These are the top 5 Birthday reminder apps for Android devices. Read the complete details carefully before installing this application on your Android device.

1. Birthday App Free

The best thing you can do is by using the Birthday App Free application. The app is available on the Google Play Store. You can sync with Facebook, Google Calendar, Phone Contacts, Google Contacts, etc. You get customizable event notifications for Birthdays of your friends and family.

The app automatically merges similar contacts and show the reminder only once for them. Birthday App Free also displays the count down to the birthday. It also provides one shiny free widget to get the update at the home screen.

2. Facebook

By using Facebook, you can get a daily birthday reminder on your Android devices. But you need to make sure that that person needed to be in your friend list in case you want to have birthday reminders on your Android device.

Facebook sends reminder notifications on your Android smartphone about the daily Birthday to wish them. Although it is also depending on the data, they have provided in the Facebook account, the false birth date can give you a wrong birthday reminder.

3. Birdays

Birdays application is mainly focused on providing a reminder on the birthday of your friends and family. This application enables you to check the birthdays in various categories which include, checking by month. Application is having a neat and clean user interface and you can download this application from the link provided below.

4. Birthday and Event Reminder

The application is used for reminding birthdays and anniversaries or any other events of your friends and family. You need to input the dates along with the notes in return the application will remind you about the events on your Android smartphone.

5. To Do Reminder with Alarm

To do reminder with alarm will provide the birthday reminder buy alarming new with customized sound on your Android smartphone. Not only birthdays but you can create a to-do list which is useful for most of the tasks.

Wrapping Things Up:

Birthday wishing your friends and family can make their day, to make your job is here you can use birthday reminder applications on your Android devices. We have collected various information about birthday reminder applications for Android from the internet and posted them is an article for you. We have listed down the top 5 birthday reminder applications available for Android devices. Share this useful article with other Android users, so that they get to use these applications by referring to this article.