Top 5 Best Apps to Create Presentations

Nowadays presentations are required in every profession to present any particular thing. There are apps to create presentations which can help you to create some fantastic presentations. Presentations must get you the direct message which you are trying to convey to people. Therefore you need to know which are the best apps which can help you to create the best presentations because amazing presentations do make an impact.


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1. Google Slides

Apps to Create Presentations: Google Slides

Google has a solution for your every need. For the presentations, Google has Google Slides. It is a free app which helps you to create, edit and share presentations. You can also convert the MS Powerpoint files to Google Slides and you can then edit it. You can also share your Google Slide Presentation with your friends and colleagues and then you can simultaneously edit and make the presentations. There is also a chat feature in it which allows you to have a conversation with the other people with whom you are sharing the presentation.

2. FlowVella

Apps to Create Presentations: FlowVella

FlowVella is an app which makes creating presentation very easy and simpler. It is the best presentation app to have on your tablet or smartphone. It uses the smart gesture technique to integrate media from different sources. It has so many options that you will get confused to select which one. This app also has the option of cloud storage which allows storing your presentations over the internet. The biggest advantage of this app is that it gives you free templates which you can use to edit your presentations.

3. LinkedIn SlideShare

Apps to Create Presentations: LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare is a huge community where you can share your presentations and professional contents. It has over 15 million professional presentations, which you can view them by topic, genre, and interest. It does not allow you to edit the presentations but you can upload your presentation and view various presentations over here. You can also download the presentations of others from LinkedIn ShareSlide.

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

Apps to Create Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint

Everyone knows about Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the most familiar and loved tool which is used all over the world by people of different streams to create and edit presentations. The app version of PowerPoint is similar to the desktop version. It offers tons of various options and features which allows you to create and edit your presentation. It has the cloud storage feature which stores your work on OneDive over the Internet. Later if you want to edit your work on your laptop or desktop, you can get back the file from the cloud. The app is freely available on the PlayStore.

5. SlideDog

Apps fto Create Presentations: SlideDog

SlideDog is a completely different way of creating and editing the presentations. The app offers limited features for free but if you want to have access over all the features then you need to buy the premium version. Many people recommend that it is the best alternative to powerpoint. The app allows you to attach videos in your presentation and it has a different way of presenting the slides. It also allows creating playlists of your slides and presentations.


Although there are many apps which can help you to create and edit presentations. But these 5 Apps to Create Presentations are better than the others and worth trying according to us. So please tell us which one is the best according to you in the comment section below