Best 5 Android Tips And Tricks You Must Know

Android is the most used and loved mobile OS currently in the world. Android covers about 86% of the entire market share in the smartphone industry. Being open-source, flexible and customizable there are many tips and tricks which people don’t know about Android. So, we are here with the best 5 android tips and tricks that people must know.


Best 5 Android Tips And Tricks:

1. Install Linux without Root

Android Tips and Tricks : Install Linux without Root

Installing Linux on Android devices have always been an annoying and tedious task to do. But, now it’s not the same thing anymore. It is possible to open the Linux interface and command prompt without rooting your phone or without any special skills or knowledge. There are many applications available on the PlayStore which you can install and get the Linux interface which allows you to download LibreOffice, GIMP, and other open source software through APT(Advanced Package Tool).

2. Get the Lost Notifications Back

Android Tips and Tricks: Get the Lost Notifications Back

So many time it happens that you require notification about a particular thing as you are not sure that you have actually received a notification or whether with all the unimportant notifications have you also swiped out the important notification? Hence you always wonder can I bring back those notifications or not? The answer to this question is yes.

You need to follow steps to get the notifications back: Tap and Hold on part of the home screen, and a screen adjusting mode will pop up. Choose Widgets and find the Settings shortcut. Drag the icon and drop it in an empty place and a list will automatically appear on the screen. Choose log from the list and tap the icon to open Android’s Notification History.

3. Use LED Flash for Heart Rate Monitoring

Android Tips and Tricks: Use LED Flash for Heart Rate Monitoring

Yes, you read it right. You don’t require any kind of fitness tracking devices to monitor your pulse rate. There are many apps available on the PlayStore which will you to monitor your heart rate using the LED flash and camera of your phone. You have to place your finger near the LED flash and then the app uses camera  which tracks the color changes under the skin to monitor the amount of blood passing through to calculate the pulse rate.

4. Check Remote Controlers using Camera

Android Tips and Tricks: Check Remote Controllers using Camera

Yes, you read it right. You can check the remote controls of your TV, air conditioners, music system etc, by using the camera of your phone. When you press the keys on the remote control, it sends infrared signals if it’s working. So what you have to do is that you have to place a camera in front of the remote control and press the keys. If it will be working then it will transmit infrared light which will be visible in the camera.

5. Increase the Battery Life by Keeping Black Background Image

Android Tips and Tricks Increase the Battery Life by Keeping Black Background Image

It is quite often seen that people are too much harassed with low battery life issue of their smartphone. So here is a simple and small step that can help you to change the battery life of your smartphone. It is observed that smartphones which have live wallpapers or bright wallpapers tend to loose battery faster in comparison with the dark themed wallpapers. Hence, keeping a balck backround image as the wallpaper can help to better the battery life of the phone.