5 Best Android Apps For Diwali in 2020

There are various festivals celebrated in India in different seasons. Among various festivals, Diwali is celebrated in every part of India, which is also called the festival of light. If you are trying to achieve the complete celebration of the festival, then you need to use various Apps for Diwali that will help you to wish others. In this article, we will discuss the Best Android Apps for Diwali, which will let you have various features on your device.


5 Best Android Apps for Diwali

These are the best Android apps that you can use in this Diwali. Read the complete details regarding these apps and download them from the link provided below this article.

1. 4D Diwali Live Wallpaper

Start your Diwali celebration by customizing your Android home screen using live wallpapers. This particular application will bring you various colorful Android Diwali related live wallpapers. Decorate your Android screen by using Diyas, Swastika and different kinds of colorful crackers which will light up your screen. These 4D live wallpapers apps for Diwali will also have a sound effect on your home screen.

Developer: Just Hari Naam
Price: Free

2. Happy Diwali SMS App

Use this particular app for sending in custom made Diwali special messages using your Android device. Create any group which is appropriate for you, and easily send different kinds of SMS using this app. This will definitely help your friends and family to cheer you up by sending them different Diwali messages. no need to search for various SMS and quotes on the internet, which you can easily get using this application on your device.

3. Diwali Diya App

This app will help your Android screen to light up using diya, you can do that by tapping on the screen. This particular app will also feature different kinds of background music with various diyas. You will also get to have different background images which will be much easier for your device to get customized according to Diwali. There are two different versions available in the market, the first one is free which is having several initial features. In order to get advanced customizable features, you need to go for the premium version.

Developer: Indian Festive
Price: Free

4. Best Indian Rangoli Designs

Diwali is incomplete without the decoration of Rangoli in your house. Although choosing the best Rangoli designs for Diwali, you need to have a different pattern and design ideas. This application will help you to create amazing designs in front of your house, which is one of the best welcome gesture for your guests. This application will also give the recommendation of the items which are required for the best quality of Rangoli. The application also offers various tutorials for creating Rangoli using easy steps.

5. Delicious Diwali:

Nothing is better than having dinner with friends and family on the special occasion of Diwali. The application will help you to have different recipes which will help you to make better cuisines. Apart from different recipes, the application also offers Quotes, Diwali messages, greetings, etc. You can also easily share them in your social media network directly from the application. This application will also love you to share different content via SMS or email. 



This Diwali you get to use different Android apps which will help you to spread happiness, joy, and brightness. We have collected complete information about various apps for Android regarding Diwali from different sources and user reviews and posted them in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they get to know about different Android apps for Diwali.