Top 5 Apps to Kick Start Your Morning

First of all, starting with the best morning is the sign of how the entire day will go. As most of the peoples read a newspaper, workout daily, and also read motivational quotes to kick-start their morning. To wake up early in the morning, many people use an alarm clock. People like to do all these kinds of stuff on their Android smartphone. As there are thousands of Android app which will help you kick-start your morning.


If you’re not aware which app to select from the play store that will kick-start your morning. Then we at Above Android is here with Top 5 amazing apps that will surely help you to kick start your morning. So without wasting any time let take a quick look on each of the app.

Top 5 Apps to Kick Start Your Morning:

1. Rock Alarm Clock:

Rock alarm is Android app which allows you play rock tune for your daily alarms. The app comes with a rock-based design which gives the attractive look compare to usual alarm apps. However, the app also offers dozens of rock music which includes Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Post Hardcore and Punk Rock. Also, you can download your favorite rock music, and set as your alarm tune. With Rock Alarm Clock app, you can schedule your alarm starting from Monday to Sunday. As this app is not free, it cost around Rs. 83.35 to install the app from Play Store.

2. Above Quotes:

Above Quotes is an Android app which allows you to read and share motivation quotes from various categories. The app offers four main categories which include Thoughts, Quotes, Insta Captions, and Poems. Within the app, you can also find quotes which are written by famous peoples. With Above Quotes app, you can share any of the quotes via Facebook, Whatsapp and more. However, the app also includes Thought of the day section which changes every time you open the app. The app also works in offline mode and one can easily get 3000+ message from a various sub-category of thoughts, quotes, captions, and poems. Moreover, the app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store.

3. Fabulous:

Fabulous is the habit tracker app which motivates you to improve your fitness. With a Fabulous app, you can learn to build best morning routine and the app also challenges life-changing habits which include meditation along with yoga. However, the app offers many life-changing habits which improve your weight loss goal, reboot your sleep cycle and more. Usually, the app helps you to build your everyday motivation so that you can focus on life-changing habits which will reduce your mental health issues like anxiety. Moreover, the app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store.

4. Calm:

Calm is the perfect meditation app which includes hundreds of program for intermediate and advanced meditators. The calm app is used for meditation and mindfulness which brings more clarity, joy, and peace in your daily life. However, within the app, you can find many guided meditation session which are available in length starting from 3 to 25 minutes. So you can choose the meditation session as per your schedule. The app includes many Meditation topics such as Calming Anxiety, Managing Stress, Deep Sleep, Focus and Concentration, Happiness and more. Moreover, the app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store.

5. Workout Trainer:

With Workout Trainer app, you can work out anywhere at any time using your Android smartphone. The app offers thousands of free workouts and custom training which is led by expert coaches. However, the app also guides you through a various exercise with step-by-step audio, photo, along with video instruction. With this app, you can adjust the difficulty level which is suitable of your fitness journey. Also, you can now connect your smartwatch to monitor better result while using workout trainer app. Moreover, the app is free to download and easily available on Google Play Store.

What do you think about this apps? Do try all those apps and let us know your feedback in our comment section below.