Top 5 Apps For Mumbaikars at Aamchi Mumbai

If you are living in Mumbai, the biggest metropolis of India, a city that is full of life and known for its famous tourist places and various commercial hubs, then travelling and exploring the city becomes very difficult. The city is extent into 603 km2 with millions of places to visit. So the travelling in this city is really difficult from the local train rush to all time increasing taxi or auto fare. So today I’m here with 5 apps which will make your life easy in Mumbai. Most of the Mumbaikar’s may be using these apps already still let’s have a look at 5 most useful Apps For Mumbaikars.


M-indicator is a life saver! Believe me it is. M-Indictor serves with the Timetable of Local trains in Mumbai. It covers all three line that is western, central and harbor line. Along with that this application also gives you the timetable of Metro. You can get all the rail alert of Mega block in all lines just at one click. Isn’t it great? All these feature and it costs you just 3.5MB. This is a perfect example of a most common dialogue in Mumbai “Chota packet bada dhamaka”. There are many such features of this app which make it to finish at 1st position in Top 5 Apps For Mumbaikars.

  • Mumbai Guestlist:

Mumbai is very well known for its nightlife, there are thousands of clubs and disc’s in Mumbai but getting an entry in even one of them is a big deal. Mumbai guest list offers a free entry to various clubs. This application basically is your pass to the famous clubs. From F-bar to royalty you can get free entry anywhere. Simply download this application and select the club you want. The UI of this application is very simple and easy to understand. You can also book tables; get special event passes etc. in this application and thus it is in list of Apps For Mumbaikars.

  • Tuk Tuk meter:

The main source of travelling after trains are Auto-rickshaw (suburban) or taxi’s (town side) in Mumbai. But sometimes the fare of these vehicles are much higher than expected, it mostly happens in suburban areas where there are faulty meters in the Rickshaw. So how to deal with situation like this? The easiest way to know right fare is by installing Tuk Tuk meter. This application enables the user to be in more control of his travel, check where exactly he is being driven to, checking the fare and the distance he/she is travelling. It acts as a guard against faulty meters and is an application so simple which anyone can use easily. You can set your own starting fare and KM distance according to where you are. This tiny application has won the title of Best Application in Indian Android Developer Contest 2011, which again makes it popular like its big-brother Tuk-Tuk Meter.

  • Mumbai City Guide

Mumbai is a wide place with millions of places to visit. To be honest you must not have explored Mumbai to its core, the most visited places in Mumbai is Marine drive, Bandstand, SJNP and some holy temples. But deep inside Mumbai there are various places which are never explored. Mumbai City guide helps you know your city better. This FREE City Guides Catalog, a personal advisor in your pocket which helps you plan and have the perfect trip. With restaurants, attractions, hotels and Trip Advisor reviews you love, stored in the app, all available offline — no data roaming charges! Yes, unlike other applications this application works offline which makes it even better to use. This application is of 20 MB and rated 4.1

  • Is it required? (Suggest an App):

Checking out the list above, I guess I have cover everything you need to stay or roam around in Mumbai. From local train schedule to nightlife entry everything is available at your one touch. Still if you think I have missed any application comment below then mention the app name with its play store link, we would surely consider it for the Top 5 Apps For Mumbaikars.