Top 5 Apps for Students to Earn Money

We are here with the top 5 apps for students to earn money. For students, it is very difficult to do a part-time job and manage their studies. But it is also very important that they must look after their expenses. However, there are several apps available that can help to make money. So, the top 5 apps are listed below.


1. Notesgen App

Apps for Students to Earn Money: Notesgen App

Notesgen App is the best app where students can make money. In this app what students have to do is that they have to share and upload their notes to help other Notesgen users to start earning some money for the efforts that they made to make and prepare the notes.

The app allows users to upload various handwritten notes on various courses for various subjects to prepare for exams. This app is available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

2. SquadRun

is an app where students can earn Paytm cash. In this app, students earn SquadCoins by performing various tasks which are suggested by the app. Various activities include giving feedback, tagging images, categorizing products. SquadCoins can be sent to the Paytm Wallet of the user or it can be redeemed for PayUMoney points.

Developer: Squadrun
Price: To be announced

3. mCent

Apps for Students to Earn Money: mCent

browser is a recharge browser app where you can surf on the browser to earn some money which you can use to pay for your mobile bills or for your mobile recharges. In this app, one can simply earn credits by browsing websites without any complicated steps. You can also earn credits by sharing the app

Developer: mCent
Price: To be announced

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Apps for Students to Earn Money: Ladooo

This app is similar to the mCent app. Just like mCent in this app also users can do the recharge of mobile doing various tasks suggested in the app. You can also earn by completing various surveys. The payment structure of this app is just similar to the mCent.


5. GigIndia

Apps for Students to Earn Money: GigIndia

GigIndia is a very useful app for college students. This app can help you get your pocket money or part time jobs for which you have to work from home. Students can earn money by working online for various popular companies. The students can also apply for paid internships through this app. This app is currently available only for Android users.

Developer: GigIndia
Price: To be announced