Top 5 Apps By Indian Government That Made Difference

Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has launched a vigorous campaign in 2015 called “Digital India”. The main motive of this campaign is to connect rural India with the world over the internet and increase digital literacy in the country. To promote Digital India, there are various web portals and apps by Indian Government. These apps helped the citizens of India to get close to the government and help in the development of the country.


5 Apps by Indian Government that made difference are:

1. BHIM:

BHIM stands for “Bharat Interface for Money”. It is a mobile app that was launched with the motive to make India cash-free. It was an initiative by the government to increase the online transfer of money and reduce cash transactions. This app does not have any kind of online wallet. It simply transfers money between different bank accounts. Users are allowed to send and receive through UPI payment addresses, phone numbers or QR codes. All the major banks are linked to UPI which helps in making financial transactions.


UMANG stands for “Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Generation”.This app was developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and National e-Governance Division. All government departments and services are brought under one single platform to give the citizens better services. Over 100 services such as filing income tax, booking of a gas cylinder, checking provident fund account and many more. Digital services like DigiLocker and PayGov are also included in this app.

3. Swachhata:

Swatch Bharat Abhiyan was a campaign launched by the government to make India clean and garbage free. So to spread more awareness about it this app was launched. In this app, if you find too much garbage in any area where the municipality of that area is not looking after it then you have to click a picture of that area and post it on the app. The complaint will get automatically forwarded to the nearest municipality and proper actions will be taken towards it.

4. GST Rate Finder:

The Government of India recently passed a new law of tax called GST. The calculations and methods of it were quite confusing and not easy to understand. So if anyone has any confusion regarding GST or its methods you can simply clear all your doubts using GST Rate Finder App. It is a very user-friendly app where you can search for various goods and services and their GST rates and details.

5. MyGov:

MyGov is a linking bridge between citizens and the Government. If as a citizen of India you have any kind of thoughts, ideas, suggestions or anything that can help in the development of the country then you can share your views with the government through this app. Through this app, you get connected to the central ministries and various other government organizations.


If you want to get close to the government and participate in the development of India and make India digitally powerful you must surely have these apps on your smartphone.