Android Marshmallow Features : #2 Explore in Android M 6.0

The latest android’s version android M 6.0 or recently named as Android Marshmallow offers more secured experience which we have posted detailed information about the first feature of Android Marshmallow which was Apps permission which allows user to control the apps by revoking access to certain things on Smartphone, today we are here with another awesome feature of File Explorer for Android. Yes this time they have provided the Android experience with stock File explorer however it’s not an application its inside your settings.


So first of all get this clear that it’s not an application but a system feature which you can access it by going in settings and then scrolling down to Storage and USB. Here’s a quick video tutorial of Storage settings on Android.

The storage setting in Android Marshmallow is completely different from what it used to be on Android 5.1, however as this is a developer preview there may be changes in the looks of storage settings. Also the features of deleting Cached memory retains and is very simple just hold the Cached memory tab and a prompt will appear asking you to delete the cached memory.

Coming to the point, the file explorer of Android Marshmallow is located at:

Setting>Storage and USB>Explore

This also allows user to sort the explorer by Size, Date modified or by name, also it is very easy to access it and navigate inside it. You can also directly go to the Image or Video by clicking the main heading under the Storage and USB setting. Overall, giving a File explorer as a feature is pretty good decision of Google.

Android Marshmallow Features : #2 Explore – More In Video

Android M 6.0 is mainly focused on security whereas many other aspects are also taken care of in the google’s latest Android Marshmallow. To know more Android marshmallow features

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