Android Marshmallow Features #1: Apps Permission

Android M which had many speculations of being called as Marshmallow is now officially announced Marshmallow. Rather keeping it in dark till the release of new Nexus Device like they did with Android L, this time they decided to give out the name along with the release of Android M developer Preview 3, and we as proud nexus owners got our hands on Android Marshmallow. As soon as we installed Preview of Nexus Marshmallow we noticed there are many things worth explaining on Android Marshmallow and so we decided to come up with series of article which will be covers in this week. Toady will be talking about android marshmallow’s feature which is app permission.


So the first change which is very good in Android Marshmallow which is the App Permission setting. Google has taken a great step towards increasing the security on Android.

Android Marshmallow Features #1 :  App Permission, all you need to know right now.

What is Apps Permission and Why is it Important?

When you install and Android Application from Playstore some of the application requires to access some of your smartphone parts. For example if you download a Dialer it requires permission of Phone, Contacts, and Messages. This is very well justified that it has to access your contacts to make call but when you download a game and it requires a access to contacts it’s pretty suspicious because game and contacts are nowhere related. So that’s where this feature comes handy. With apps permission you can revoke any permission which an application can access.

How to Revoke Apps Permission?

  • Step 1- Go to Settings
  • Step 2- Scroll to Apps Settings

  • Step 3- Select the application which you want to tweak settings

  • Step 4- You’ll find a list of settings which you can change for that application select the Permission tab

  • Step 5- You’ll see all the permission that application uses, just toggle off the permission which you don’t want to use
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This is how Android Marshmallow’s Apps Permission Features  helps you secure your Android Device. Make sure you check out our YouTube channel as well. We will be posting videos every alternative day on Android Marshmallow Feature. Hit like if you liked this Article.