Few Amazing Apps very down in Top Android Apps List

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. This is the amazing quote by Booker T. Washington. Yes, It is perfectly said and it applies to the Android Apps too. There are many great apps in the Google Play Store which some or the other time listed in the top 10 apps, but now they are not. So in this article we are going through all such amazing apps which are very down in the Top Android App List.

Few Amazing Apps used to be in Top Android Apps List.

Hike Messenger (Rank # 38)

Hike messaging application allows a smart phone user to communicate with other smart phone user anywhere around the world for free. A user just needs to install the Hike Messenger for once to his/her smart phone. When Hike Messenger was new to Play Store and was giving 20 Rs each of the user for referring a friend made this messaging app very viral. Few users found it really interesting but it is very tough to replace the Strong IM app WhatsApp, whereas WhatsApp have also announced to keep their service free for some more time. Once there was a time when Hike was ahead at 1st and then WhatsApp at 2nd but now it is at 38th position and we hope that it will come up soon in Top Android Apps List.

Flipkart (Rank # 16)

Well this website is well-known for its simple offers and one day delivery on many products. Flipkart is an Indian E-commerce company founded in 2007, by Sachin and Binny Bansal and headquartered in Bangalore. It is Flipkart which made online shopping prevalent in India. Currently Flipkart’s Website is one of the top 10 Indian Website, according to Alexa Internet. Few days ago, this app was also in top 10 apps on play store but due to some recent controversies and heavy competition for Top Android Apps List between other E-commerce platform have dragged him to 16th position whereas  Amazon is on 8th and Snapdeal is on 10th.

Instagram (Rank # 45)

Instagram is really a cool app for sharing your pictures with friends and family. It have been about more than three years and majority of the time Instagram was on the top list for Android Apps. But now a days the scenario is not the same, many attractive apps have gained popularity and raised above the Instagram and left him down below at 45th position.

VLC for Android (Rank # 87)

I am sure you all have read this name or used this software in your PC or laptop for playing video and all. The same company have launched an Android App for the same purpose under the same name VLC. It is very good app, but the reason it is down at 87th position is MX Player. The developer of MX Player have developed and launched the app into Play Store long time ahead of VLC and now people are used to this amazing app called MX Player and it ranks at 11th position, far ahead of VLC for Android.

Angry Birds (Rank # 101)

I don\’t need any introduction to describe this amazing game which everyone used to play and it was almost at top position for a very long period of time. But latter many games such as Candy Crush, Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Clash of Clans, Teen Patti and many more. In-fact many more season of Angry Birds came such as Epic, Rio, Transformers,Star Wars, Space etc. which leads to the downfall of Original Angry Birds.

So This all were the amazing apps which used to be in the Top Charts but now they don\’t. The ranking over here is show of Top Android Apps List (Free) listed on Google Play Store. So do try all this app and let us know your feedback on this article and also share other apps which lies under such category.