Top 3 Google Maps Alternatives For Android

Google Maps is one of the popular online web mapping industry which serves mind-blowing features on its platform. Many features like satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets and real-time traffic conditions make navigation very easy. However many people are not comfortable with its slow-moving graphics which results in a delay of navigation. But now there are tons of navigation apps which are available in the market. We have hand-picked Top 3 Google Maps Alternative For Android which is fast and accurate as compared to Google Maps.


Top 3 Google Maps Alternatives:

1. Here WeGo:

Here WeGo is a reliable GPS navigation app which comes with voice guidance feature to make your commute more fun and less distress. It supports offline maps for navigation, it allows you to get direction from one location to another when you don’t have an internet connection. The app supports over 200 countries and provides all basic features like navigation, places to visit and detailed routes. Also, it gives you up-to-date information and calculates prices on all the public transport links around your area.

The app offers route using different information like police reports, cameras, Twitter feeds, construction sites, speed cameras. Its main aim is to keep you informed and provide a faster route if required. In order to calculate a distance of your destination, just enter your address and the app will do it works automatically. You can download Here WeGo app directly from Google Play Store.

2. Waze:

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and GPS navigation app. It provides you accurate navigation information for your desired location. The apps analysis the traffic condition of the road and show an alternative route to reach your destination fast without any trouble. Also, if you connect to Facebook, then you can check other friends from your list, who are driving to the same location as you.

Waze provides a community of users who report real-time road incidents along their route. You can get information about the cheapest gas stations near you, under-construction sites, accidents, speed cameras, police and other information. This kind of information is updated by millions of other Waze users. You can download the Waze app directly from Google Play Store.

3. MapQuest:

MapQuest app is a reliable source for maps and driving directions for many years. It allows you to compare local transportation services for your route. The app provides you up-to-date satellite imagery and lives vector maps for driving and walking directions. You can locate your nearby points of interest in an easy way. It provides quick updates on all local transportation options near you.

Also, if you like walking to different places, the app will show you how many calories you will burn. MapQuest has an advanced feature which includes automatic re-routing, real-time traffic conditions, ETA and weather reports. The app has an ability to detect cameras, accidents, construction sites. You can directly access the roadside assistant for your help. However, it also has a basic feature like Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, bookmarking, best route, satellite view, nearby locations to visit. You can download MapQuest app directly from Google Play Store.