Top 3 Android Apps For Blind And Visually Challenged People

Today’s world is extremely dependent on various technologies ; everyone is relied on Smartphone in a way or other. But what about those people who are visually challenged or people who are blind, they surely can’t get the maximum from Android. Android Apps For Blind and the Equipment such as Braille, reading glasses, or a walking stick are just some of the few things that help visually impaired people get along with their lives. But here at Above Android we researched some application which will help them using Smartphone and bring out the best experience for them. So here today we will list down some of the best application available on Google Play Store for visually challenged people.


1-IDEAL Accessibility Installer:

This Application is developed by “IDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development Team”. It was developed to complete package of Google’s Android Accessibility programs. This Android App for Blind or Visually Challenged people helps them to make their Smartphone Experience a way far better. It includes interesting features like TalkBack, KickBack and SoundBack (TKS).Once you are done installing the application you can find all setting under Settings>Accessibility. Download the applications supported on your Smartphone with your desire and you can run them neatly in background.


This application are for people who are not completely blind but have problem in eye sight and are not able to read things which are there in Small Fonts. This application is developed by “Appd Lab”. This application gives you a handy magnifying glass with a flash in your Smartphone. It features gestures as well like – Double-tap: Zoom out/in, Single-tap: Focus and Long-press: Turn light on/off. This is rated 4.0 by thousands of user. It has very easy interface ready to use easy to handle.

Developer: Appd Lab LLC
Price: Free

3- MessagEase Keyboard:

This application is developed by “Exideas”. MessagEase Keyboard is a smart and fast way to type full text on your Android phone. Users of the application can type lightning-fast messages by using only one hand or just one finger. The keyboard has large size fonts so users can easily operate the Keyboard without any stress on Eye. You can change the colors (Helpful for color blindness people); use Swipe gesture (This is very useful once you remember where the words are located), search through dictionaries, change keyboard layout (put desired output as desired), haptic feedback, shape, size, and many other features of the application.

Developer: Exideas
Price: Free

These were the Best 3 Android apps for Blind people or visually challenged people. If you or your friends have such problems share this application with them and any suggestions or queries are always welcomed in comment Box.