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Top 3 Applications To Lock Your Apps & Games

Top 3 Applications To Lock Your Apps & Games

by Dharmik PatelSeptember 18, 2013

People are totally connected to their smartphone now a days, they can rarely  leave their Smartphone somewhere apart from them.There are also many secrets Young generation keep in their Smartphone. Specially its our friends who are more interested in our mobile rather their own and as if no one likes to reveal what they talk with their friends on whatsapp or to hide the call logs from their family member or from their friends.But the Smartphone doesn’t provide any extra lock apart from the stock lock which includes Pin ,Pattern and Password lock your apps with which most of you are used to.But if once that is unlocked no further locks are provided. So people find a application which can help with their problem but then people get confused which application is to be downloaded among those 100’s of them.So here we solve the problem and give you Top 3 application to hide your applications.


This application is the most common application downloaded from Google play when it comes to locking any application. It has most number of install in app lock category.This application feature Protecting every application with Pin Or Password, A widget on a home screen to quickly access the locking and unlocking, Locks on outgoing and incoming calls,Lock on Google play store,Prevent the app from being uninstalled, Hide app icon from launcher,Quick lock switcher on status bar , and many more amazing features.The premium version includes more amazing features some of those are change keyboard color,Ramdom keyboard ,Hide AppLock icon.This pplication is rated 4.6 by thousands of users.This application is just worth 1 mb. So over-all its a Short and sweet application with many useful feature.

This application had been recently updated which added many new features to it.It is available in two versions Paid and a Free version. This application includes various kinds of lock such as pattern lock , digits lock and the most unique feature which most of the app lock doesn’t provide gesture lock screen. This application has more amazing features like to lock the usage of 3G data so that no one can use your data without your prior notice.Apart from this features this app lock also provides locks on call setting which includes locks on outgoing or incoming call as desired.This application is a way better than other because it contains a location service which means when you are at your home place as registered it automatically unlocks every app and automatically locks all the apps when you are away from your registered home place it automatically locks apps which are set to be locked.This application is rated 4.6 by its more than 100000 users.

This is also a amazing application to lock your applications. This application has Installs over 100000.It has many feature which includes Locking any application with a Pattern or Pin,Screen filter support(Contoll brightness),Rotation lock support,USB to PC connection lock support (Requires password for connection of phone to PC),Minimum resource used,Remotely start service using a text command and some more features.This application has the same features which are featured in free version apart from the paid version doesn’t contain add.It is not supported in Small Sized Smartphones like HTC Wildfire and other small screen phones. This application can be translated to other language by contacting the developers here : “” This Perfect App Protector application is rated 4.7 by 180984 users.

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