Top 3 Android Tablet Games That Will Surely Amaze You

There are over all millions of games on Google Play Store which are not categorized to Android Tablet Games or Smartphone games which makes us confused while downloading any game. But no more issues today we are going to serve you with the top 3 android tablet games for tablets which will enhance your tablet experience like never before. So without wasting time I shall continue with the games:


1-Team Dragon:

This is a pure action games with mind blowing graphics. This game can be played in many modes Story mode, Training mode, VS mode and so on. The graphics of this game is so realistic that you just cannot stop playing it once you start. The interface of this game includes a joystick view so if this game is played on a smartphone the thumbs their hand cover the screen and we can hardly see anything. Well apart from all these stuff this game serves you one more exciting feature called multi-player !! Yes you can play this game with your friends you can connect each other Via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This was all about this game. This is also the best fighting game for tablets.

2-FIFA 14

This game is especially for the football freak’s it’s like a must have game for those who love football. This game has stunning graphics and realistic game play. You can take your favorite team and start the tournament you like. Or just create your own dream team or a player of your name. You can save the reply to show your friends your amazing football skills. The interface of this is mind blowing. There are different buttons for sprint, Shoot, Tackle and many more so it becomes nasty to play this game on smartphone unless you have a Smartphone with screen bigger than 5″. This game is one of the best games for sports lovers.

3-Real Racing 3

Well when it comes to racing specially car racing one cannot forget Real Racing game. It is one of the most popular games on PlayStore for racing. The game consists many amazing cars with such high definition graphics which will please your heart to fullest. The tracks of this game are just mind blowing you just need to put on your headphone and start playing. Well be careful you have loads of time before starting to play this game because once this game starts you’ll never feel like stopping. This game is categorized in Racing and its one of the best games for tablet.

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This were the best android tablet games for android so far if you think we just missed a game worth this article you can leave the name of game in the comment. And be sure you have subscribed to our site to get the maximum out of this site. Now you can also download our Android application from Google Play Store form the given link. : Above Android App Play Store