Top 3 Android Apps to Schedule SMS

Android world is updating at a great pace with newer version of Android OS every year. Talking about the latest major update of Android version “lollipop” which was launched at 13th October last year and officially available only to NEXUS family and MOTO devices, comes with many outstanding features which we covered in earlier post. But obviously it doesn’t cover every feature which you require and that is when you need a third party application to do the needful. One of the useful features according to me which should have been offered in stock messenger is to schedule a message to send it later.


Isn’t it cool? So now I’ll explain the top 3 applications to schedule SMS or message on Smartphone. I’m going to list the application according to their rating on Playstore, so it makes easy for you to get the best.

1-Send it later: schedule SMS:

Send it later: schedule SMS is the first application I came across when I searched for application to schedule message. Send it later: schedule SMS is rated 4.3 by thousands of users. The best part about this application is its size! Send it later: schedule SMS is just of 375 KB which obviously is a strong point as users won’t be worried about the storage issue. Main features of this application as mentioned on PlayStore description are as follows:

  • Use android alarm instead of service to spare battery life
  • Send multiple parts messages is ok ( > 160 chars)
  • Auto complete contacts selector
  • Save sent message to stock sms app
  • Notification & sound on message delivery
  • Beautiful UI: beautiful widgets & swipe-n-delete finger gesture

2- SMS Scheduler:

SMS scheduler is another application with same features but the UI of this application is completely different from the UI of Send it later: Schedule SMS, I have been using this application since a month and not found any bug and it works completely fine. SMS Scheduler is rated 4.2 but the users of this application is more than the Send it later: schedule SMS. The size of this application varies from device but it is somewhere between 3-4 MB only. The main features of this application are given below:

  • Recipients can be typed in directly or selected from contacts
  • Multiple recipients can be chosen
  • Flexible scheduling system – you can send sms once, every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, every hour and so on.
  • Sent sms messages are added to the proper conversation threads
  • Status bar notifications are triggered for sent messages and delivery reports
  • History of sent and delivered messages is available

 3 – SMS Scheduler (Text Later)

SMS Scheduler (Text Later) comes down in the list due to its rating but it does have some amazing features, thought the main use of this application is to schedule a message it comes with some amazing features like Backup/ restore of your scheduled messages, doesn’t divide long messages in to short messages. Let’s have a look at all the features of SMS Scheduler (Text Later):

  • multi-language support ( translated to English and Chinese for now)
  • easy and intuitive GUI
  • send repeat message ( recurring )
  • select recipients from contacts
  • multiple recipients can be chosen
  • sent SMS messages are added to the proper conversation threads
  • Auto sending of past due messages when the phone is powered back on
  • doesn’t divide long messages into short
  • Backup/Restore your scheduled messages to SD card to ease migrating to a new phone.
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SMS Scheduler (Text Later) is of 709 kb and works in Android version above 2.3.3. SMS Scheduler (Text Later) is rated 4.1 by 1000’s of user’s

So these were the TOP 3 applications to schedule a message in Android OS. As we see all three applications have common features, the only difference is of UI. So before installing any of the application make sure you go to Playstore and check the UI of all application and select the best application according to you.