Top 3 Android Apps for Old People / Senior Citizen

Android smartphone no more remains youth’s stuff, may be just because availability of various amazing droid app at Google Play Store, Yes now even senior people loves to own android device. However younger people are not only thw people who are attracted towards latest technology, but even the seniors do. As we all know technology as change our living from letters to SMS, Emails and IM now. Just one click is enough to transfer any amount using you phone to any place in world, wow.


Almost everything is on your fingertips and under the thumb, you just need to hit on action button. Technology today is touching your life and generally it is been said that youth are the most attracted towards new tech specially smartphones. However Olders have also started adapting such invention in their life to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. So today we going to put light on android apps for old people or senior citizen

Top 3 Droid Apps for Senior Citizen

1.  iTriage Health :

One the best app in Health category, a created to help people, to find answers to every health related queries. The best part that makes me to list this app on above all others is, it numbers of various useful features, it helps you to browse details about symptoms, Diseases and medicine. Apart from this it also enable you to connect with doctors nearby your locations. Also get all the health related news and tips straight to your android device.

2. Your Magnifying Glass :

App that can easily make things more visible, however eyes problem is common in old aged people, its apps works here. Move your smartphone camera on text, simply zoom it using this app, read it more comfortably and ever before. Best part is you can enable your device flash light and read it even in dark or use it as microscope.


3. Circle of 6

A safety android app for Oldie(senior) people. It allows you to connect with your family or friends( group of 6 people) within a single tap it calls or messages to selected persons when you are in danger or in need of someone. It’s an GPS based app that notifies about you to the specific persons.

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