Top 3 Addictive Online Games For Android

As the title suggests I’m here to share you top 3 games which you simply cannot refuse to install on your Smartphone. Well this games were the best addictive and challenging game than all other online games. Online games are the games which require internet connection in your phone. You can play live with your friends which in turn makes online gaming even more exciting and challenging. There were many online games available on Play Store but after lots of research we have found out the ultimate online games which are very interesting, fun to play, and hard to leave it once you start.


Top 3 Online Games For Android


Teen Patti is the gambling game mostly played in India; it is also called as Indian Poker. It is a group game which needs at least 3 to 6 players and uses a 52-card pack without jokers. Each player is dealt three cards face down. Before the cards are dealt, the boot amount is decided and collected from each player. The boot amount is the minimum stake amount put in the pot, which is the money, kept in the center of the table. As the game progresses the pot money grows and is won by the winner of that hand. Winner is the player who remains in the game till the completion of the hand and has the best hand or the highest hand based on the cards ranking shown below.

Ranking of the cards from high to low is:

  • Trail or Set (three of same rank),
  • Pure sequence,
  • Sequence (or run),
  • Color,
  • Pair (two cards of same rank), and
  • High Card.

The figure below shows highest to lowest cards of each rank. It should be noted that in a sequence A-K-Q is the highest ranked sequence while A-2-3 is the second highest ranked sequence.


Fun run is a racing game played by four players. You can create your own game by adding your friends to race or quick race with random online players. The game is simple yet amazing and addictive. The functionality includes only two buttons one of jump and other of using the power you collect. You can upgrade your player by winning more and more race and earning coins. There are more than 15 different laps and various powers. You can see the leader board to see where you stand among your circle. Fun run is highly recommended for both boys and girls as well.  Fun run is very less in size so everyone can enjoy it in their phone

3. Quizup

Quizup was launched recently and has over 10 million downloads. You can challenge your friends or any random player. There are over 250000 question and 450+ topics ranging from your favorite TV shows and books to sports and music. This game is for a PC freak to a nerd from the housewives to a business women, there is variety of topic for each type of people. Think you have what it takes to outsmart players around the world and climb the leader board?


– TV Shows: All the top shows from past & present
– Books: All your favorite bestsellers & author
– Movies: Horror, Comedies, Actors, Directors, Famous Quotes & more
– Sports: Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball & more
– Games: Video Games, Tabletop Games, Classics & more
– Music: Rock, Classics, Pop, Boy Bands, Hip-Hop & more


– Art
– General Knowledge
– Business
– Science
– Geography
– History
– Education
– Lifestyle

Quizup is very interesting game to challenge your knowledge with other players across the globe. It shows the complete record of all your wins and losses which can even make you embarrass sometimes if your stats are not good enough but don’t worry you start-up with this game we will soon post some tricks to change your stats and make you win each and every round.


Note : This games are more fun and interesting if you play with your own friends rather random people so keep sharing this article to all your friends so that you enjoy the game to its peak.

These were the best online games for Android available at the play store. For many such articles keep visiting Above Android, now you can also install Above Android App from Google Play Store to get each and every update directly into your smart phone.

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