3 Best Small Size Android Games for 2019 ( Under 10 MB )

Well, Many of us has played those heavy loaded and huge sized games and I think its high time to have a look at this few of the Small Size Android Games under 10 MB which can easily pass your time even you are damn bored. Today we gonna deliver you low in size, easy to handle and simple to play android games.


Even this can be helpful to those how always deals with system notification saying “Memory Full” or “Internal Memory Low”  however there are few smartphones with the low memory like HTC Explorer, Nokia Edge,  few Samsung Y series devices and many such smartphones which are ranging below 10,000 Rupees.

The main pros of playing small size android games instead of those huge hunkers is it consumes a very low battery and needs low processor power. The small size android games have many more advantages. Not all the games are famous due to the graphics but the gameplay, addiction factor and the logic of the games also attract the user to install and play them. Even some time the small size of games attracts users to install them and play as it will consume much of their data plan.

Above Android team has researched below stated few low sized games, basically size is below then 10 MB, Yes you heard it right following games sized in Kb’s, some are even small than the size of usual images you found on the web.

Best Small Size Android Games

1. Flappy Bird

One of the most played and loved the android game. Developed by Dong Nguyen from Vietnam and has great success story behind this game. This is the simple and easy to play android games, you just need to tap, tap and tap that’s its, but if you think its as easy as eating a piece of cake, let me tell you this is also listed in most frustrating android game. Go try it now, download from here and make sure you don’t feel throwing off your phone. SORRY

2. Chain reaction :

The first look of this game will never impress you, but believe me, once you start playing this game you will never regret downloading it. The chain reaction has the potential to kill even your hard time. A strategy game for 2 – 8 player which works on the simple logic of reaction, Place your orbs (color ball ) in a cell. Once, a cell has reached maximum mass it will automatically explode into surrounding cell adding extra color balls.  If you wanna win, try to destroy your opponents color balls. Download now.


3. 2048 :

2048 is a simple, fun and little Maths game which can kill your time in no-time. Just with simple swipes on the screen and little brain you can win this maths puzzle game.  Swipe (Up, Down, Left or Right) to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! Give a try to this game download now from Play Store


Do you think we have missed any small size android game? or do you have something interesting to share about this topic, comment below and let us and the world know what you have to say? I won’t mind if you use social buttons, share this article with your friends now.