Best 3 Selfie Sticks Under 500 INR For Android Phone

A selfie stick is a must have for all the selfie addicts out there. A selfie stick is a monopod which enables the users to hold the phone beyond the normal length of their arm. The selfie sticks have an adjustable clamp on one end and a handle on the other. The stick is usually extendable and provides the user a better camera coverage for taking pictures. We at Above Android have done a good research on selfie stick and came up with some best selfie stick under 500 Rs.


The best three selfie sticks under 500 INR that you can purchase are given below :

  1. Monopod Extendable Selfie Handheld Stick (Adjustable Phone Holder, Bluetooth Wireless Remote Shutter)

Price – 282 INR

The monopod extendable selfie handstick available at is a combo which comes with an adjustable phone holder and a wireless Bluetooth remote shutter. The stick is made of aluminium. It has a folded length of 230 mm and extended length of 950 mm. Its thumb screw can be locked at multiple angles and it provides a 180 degree viewing angle. It comes with a warranty of 6 months and is best selfie stick under 500 INR.

  1. Smiledrive Universal Mobile Monopod Selfie Stick Monopod

Price – 399 INR

The Smiledrive Universal Monopod Selfie Stick is available at It is a branded product from Smiledrive. It has a maximum load capacity of 500 gms and has a rubber grip for comfortable holding of the stick. The selfie stick has a folded length of 250 mm and an extended length of 838 mm. It comes with a 3 month warranty.

  1. Mirox Blue Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Remote Monopod

Price – 380 INR

The MiroxSelfie stick at Snapdeal comes in a combo of selfie stick and the Bluetooth remote. It has a folded length of 203 mm and an extended length of 940 mm. The folded length makes it really compact. It also has an adjustable lock for holding the phone at various angles. It also features a mirror which allows you to see your camera screen in front of the camera. This can come in really useful because you can click perfect pictures with just one try and would avoid the hassle of taking pictures again and again just to get that perfect click.