3 Mobile Gaming Series That Have Stood the Test of Time

Epic gaming franchises might seem like the preserve of video game consoles, with the Mario series remarkably running since 1981 and the Call of Duty franchise a more contemporary example of how a core concept can spin off into a variety of different formats. Yet there are games available on Android that have similarly evolved and developed to form heavyweight franchises. Here is a look at three of those gaming series that are full of rich and varied content.


1. Stick Sports

Stick Cricket was launched by Stick Sports in 2006 as a browser-based game, with the charming animations and simple controls bringing the sport of cricket to a whole new audience. Given that cricket was making a concerted effort to attract new fans with a shorter format of the game, Stick Cricket and its high-scoring gameplay arrived at the perfect time.

The success prompted Stick Sports to venture into tennis, soccer and baseball games, with each version retaining the distinctive animation style and character of Stick Cricket. Many of Stick Sports’ games have been converted to app form, with Stick Soccer 2, Stick Cricket 2 and Stick Tennis Tour all available from the Google Play store. The ability to progress through increasingly difficult levels to beat some of the world’s finest real-life teams makes the apps engaging, although be warned that in-game purchases are required to unlock all features.

2. Rainbow Riches

Online slot developers are incredibly prolific, with slot libraries seemingly in a constant state of expansion. Whether adopting a theme based on a popular movie or introducing a new spin on the classic slot formula, slot developers are always coming up with new ideas in order to cater for different tastes.

This makes Rainbow Riches stand out, with the slot series having uncharacteristic longevity for the world of slots. All of the current versions of Rainbow Riches are available from the Starspins website. The original Rainbow Riches introduced a charmingly simple concept in which players hunt for the Pot of Gold, but spin-offs including Pick ‘n Mix, Reels of Gold and Home Sweet Home add new features while retaining the spirit of the original slot.

Developer: Craig Wilson
Price: Free+

3. FarmVille

What began life as a social media gaming giant has s ince transitioned into the world of apps, with Zynga offering a variety of options through the Google Play store that build on the themes and style of the original game. FarmVille became supremely popular via Facebook for many reasons, with its refreshingly straightforward concepts and attractive imagery still present in the app-based spin-offs.


Games include FarmVille 2: Country Escape, which introduced offline play and the chance to work in a co-op mode with friends, and FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, which lives up to its name by taking farming to a very different environment with a new set of challenges.

Given how quickly trends come and go, particularly in the world of mobiles, it is an impressive feat to secure longevity in this field. These gaming franchises have endured by adapting with the times while staying true to their original vision, so it will be fascinating to see what lies ahead for these gaming series.

Developer: Zynga
Price: Free+