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TOP 3 Lock Screen Application with MAXIMUM Security

TOP 3 Lock Screen Application with MAXIMUM Security

by Dharmik PatelJuly 3, 2015

With the Evolution of Smartphones, we have a lot of personal information stored in our smartphone and I don’t need to mention that it is very irritating when people keep touching your phone and peeping in your Smartphone. The simple solution to it is keeping a password or pin which is available in our security setting by default. But to be honest cracking those pins and patterns is child’s play, by just memorizing the Pin or Pattern when your friend uses it. Well if you own a big flagship smartphone with Finger Print scanner you already have the best Security you can get on Android. But if you don’t own a big shot smartphone, I’ll recommend you to look in the following options to increase the Security on Android.

These are the “TOP 3 Lock Screen Applications With MAXIMUM Security“.As the name suggest I’m not bothered about the user interface or the attractiveness of an lock screen application but I’m concerned with the security they serve with.


So the first application with maximum security is undoubtedly TIMEPIN. This application offers you with different PINS for different time. I have reviewed this APPLICATION in detail in one of my previous article. You can check it by clicking the link below:

Click here to get the review of TimePin

Best Lock Screen Apps

The key features of this application are:

  • 12 hour and 24 hour clocks both are supported
  • Without modifier- If no modifier is applied, and the time is “2:21”, your PIN will be “0221”
  • Reverse mode (free)– It reverses the pin, if the time is “2:21″, your PIN will be “1220″
  • Mirror mode(free) – It mirrors the pin, if the time is “2:21″, your PIN will be “02211220″
  • Date mode – It sets your date as the password.
  • Double mode(free) – It double the pin, if the time is “2:21″, your PIN will be “02210221″
  • Offset mode (paid) – It Applies a user chosen offset to the PIN. If the time is 10:43, and your offset is -121, your PIN will be 0922.


2-Knock lock:

Best Lock Screen Apps

This application is based on the lock system of the recently launched LG devices. This application is out of imagination, there are no passwords, no pins but just your knock on the screen of your Smartphone. Yes sounds weird but it is a fun thing to do. This application is the current lock screen used by me and so far there are no issues or errors faced by me. This application is highly recommended for you if you need maximum security and a pinch of something unique.
The features of this application are simple but brilliant which are as follows:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access
  • Invisible path to Unlock Pattern.
  • Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.
  • Prevents others from using your device.
  • Superbly rich graphics.


3- Security Lock screen:

Best Lock Screen Apps

As the name itself reveals that this application is security based. This application has very good User Interface when compared with any other application regarding security issues. Security lock screen provides you with the pattern lock system which is completely different from which you already have on your smartphone. This pattern lock is not based on 3×3 dots but on 6×6 which can give a very high security to your password. Remembering a pattern is a challenge in itself which makes this application one of the best Lock screen concerned with security. Key features mentioned at the description of Google PlayStore are as follows:

  • Very Many Pattern(Custom Pattern)(1 x 1 ~ 25 x 25)
  • Change Pattern Color!
  • Decorate Lock Screen!
  • You can view kakao talk message, text message, game notification in Lock Screen.
  • Police Mode!
  • Warning Sound!
  • TTS (Text-To-Speech)!
  • Remote Control!
  • Prevent Application Delete!
  • Double Screen OFF!
  • Application Lock!

So at the end I would like to say installing these applications will not only give you maximum security but also make you the unique guy among your group when it comes to using Smartphones efficiently.
Comment Below what type of Lock Screen Security do you Prefer.

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Dharmik Patel
  • Steve Pierce

    And yet none of these offer scramble pad support thus any PIN is subject to a smudge attack.

    • justtravis

      If the PIN is a function of the time then how would a smudge attack work?

      • Steve Pierce

        The article gives you all the steps to try in case time is used as the lock. You don’t need smudges. Using time is a terrible idea for security.

        • justtravis

          I think it’s a great idea as long as 1) someone who picks up your phone can’t tell somehow that you’re using a time-based PIN. 2. If you really want security, use the “offset” METHOD described – – or better yet they should allow for more personalized functions using time such as “77HH:MM456” Which locking app do you consider more secure? The reason I like the time-based function is that I’ve seen people around me (my kids) watching me enter my PIN repeatedly. If they get enough glimpses they know the PIN. If every time they get a glimpse I’m entering something unique (but they don’t know it’s a function of time) then it’s pretty secure.

          • Steve Pierce

            You have made my point why time is a bad idea. If you observe someone that is entering a different PIN each time, since we know Android does not have scramble pad, the only pin they could be using is time. The time app has a very limited number of permutations. Less than 20 permutations to break in. Time is a very bad idea for securing.

          • justtravis

            I think if I use a personal prefix plus mirror of the time and a personal suffix I’m good. But I’m still curious, what do you think is better?

          • Steve Pierce

            Again, you are making my point. A Predicate or personal prefix is not secure from observation and you said it yourself, you have seen people around you (your kids) watching you enter the pin.

            If I am watching someone enter a high number of pins and the smudges don’t look like they are repeated, all I really need is to figure out their predicate, the time position is easy to figure out.

            PINs are not secure. But if you are going to use a PIN, a scramble pad is mandatory.

            If not smudges, wear marks and heat all indicate where your fingers have been.

            I realize people think this is paranoia and I have had similar conversations with Google about Android Security and PINs.

            The time solution is very creative and it is definitely better than only a PIN, however, the actual measure of ‘better’ is measured in single digits. It creates in many a false sense of security by thinking hey I am using a longer PIN it must be secure, it isn’t.

          • justtravis

            OK. I’m open minded. You seem to know a lot about this topic. What do you use?

          • Steve Pierce

            This is by no means perfect but it is the best I can do with the tools Android gives us. I use a random number generator to select a 8-digit pin. I then repeat it twice and change it every one to two weeks. If someone observed the pin, likely the next time I see them the PIN will be different.

            Again not perfect. The better approach would be to use the Time solution and then change the predicate to a randomly generated 4 to 6 digit predicate every couple of days. It is a pain but it will defeat most observation techniques.

            A scramble pad would be helpful to keep the kids out. 😉